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Smothering lawn to use native plant seeds

13 years ago

I have a 30x30 section of our lawn that is covered in clover and dandelions. I would like to convert it to an area with native grasses and flowers using a seed mix. We've researched the options for killing the current residents and are having trouble coming up with the best option.

Not too interested in herbicide, but if it were the last choice, I would consider one or two applications to help convert the area to native plants.

Tilling would be tough because there are 3 trees with fairly shallow roots.

Smothering seems to be the way to go, but if I use newspapers and mulch - the seeds won't be able to get to the soil to grow, right? It seems like newspapers and mulch are a great option if you're going to use plants, but not for seeds.

Or we could smother the lawn with black plastic, but then I'll have the huge amount of dormant seeds competing with my native seeds, right?

Thank you so much for your help.

Jenny in Minnesota

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