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leaf burn during new metal halide acclimation

13 years ago

Hello all,

After watching my cattleyas slowly wither away under very low light conditions for the past 6 months after a recent move, I took the plunge and bought a 250w metal halide with 6700k grow bulb.

In order to acclimate the plants to the new light, I began with the light on only 1 hour for the first day, 3 hours the second day, and 5 hours today (the third day). I understand these are fairly large jumps but I figured they would burn between 5-10hours/day rather than between 1-5; so I was planning to move up in 30 minutes increments beyond 5 hours. Evidently I was wrong, however, as I am beginning to see black spots around the edges of a few cattleyas. Dendrobiums and oncidia are not showing black spots. Phals are one shelf below and should be fine as they are heavily shaded. The light is around 18" above the tallest leaf of the orchids.

So my question now is, should I cut back on my light regimen to avoid further black spots or just not worry about it and keep going up as planned in 30 minute increments? Not to sound uncaring about my orchids, but if the black spots are simply aesthetic issues and won't affect the overall health of the plants, I don't mind looking at black spots for a while.


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