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My faith in OG a year later...(pics!)

15 years ago

Hi everyone,

A lot of people responded to my moment of frustration and aggravation last year. I want to thank everyone for their encouraging words.

A whole year has gone by. I had one more season of putting down chopped up leaves, coffee grounds and alfalfa meal. To the naked eye the soil looks beautiful. According to a professional soil test conducted by my local extension office, I needed 1.0 lbs Nitrogen or EQUIV PER 1000 SQ FT. I think all my other numbers are within a decent range.

I have 12 tomato plants planted out and all are looking pretty good so far. Much better than last years anyway. As for my neighbor, she's pretty much given up trying to have a garden for veggies but her husband is still on a mission for a beautiful lush lawn.

I think the two things that really stunted my veggie garden attempts last year were:

#1 I had a thick layer of shredded wood mulch that I for the most part planted in.

#2 We had sooooo much rain! 4-6 inches per week starting in mid June and went into mid August.

This past fall I did not put down a wood mulch. Instead I put down chopped up leaves and coffee grounds. In mid to late February I sprinkled alfalfa meal on the beds when I was sure we were going to get a rain. I did mix everything up in late winter with that funny looking blue garden tool called the Garden Claw. My goal is to eventually not turn the soil but for now I think it is needed. We have such heavy clay so I think cultivating the soil like I am is just helping things get done a little quicker.

Anyway, I just wanted to thank everyone for listening to me last year and encouraging me to keep going. I did. I'm still here. And hopefully this will be a really good season in the garden. Thanks everyone!

One of last year's tomato plants:


One of this year's tomato plants thus far. Don't pick on my tomato automater thingy! The one and only year I have ever had awesome tomatoes I used them. Don't know if they really had anything to do with my success or not but they are at the very least a good luck kind of thing now;-) I am growing some plants without them so we shall see.....

(In each tomato hole I used roughly half a bag of Black Kow manure, a cup or so of alfalfa meal, a 1/4 of a small bag of corn meal and two teaspoons (or whatever the directions said) of Espoma tomato fertilizer.)


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