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How to flush houseplants of chemicals???

16 years ago

I opened a Houseplant store 2 months ago with the emphasis being on cleaning the air in one's home with living plants. I have worked hard (and am working hard still!) at finding fertilizers, soil, etc that are organic to sell in my store. I have been buying my houseplants directly from growers in Florida. It has recently come to pass that I have accumulated a chemical toxicity in my bloodstream due the the chemicals that these tropical plant growers are using on their plants!! I never even considered this in my plan for this business!! Here I am trying to educate people on the benefits of living plants in their homes and I am selling them plants full of insecticides and fungicides and what have you! Since my store is small and is filled to the brim with these plants - all of a sudden I started having symptoms associated with chemical "overload" in my system from touching and pruning and breathing around these plants!!

Here's my question . . . does anyone know of a way to purge these plants from their chemicals when I bring them into my store? So far the only thing I can come up with is to hose each one down before I put them on the shelf. This would be quite a chore! But I am willing to do it in order to sell safe plants for the home. I don't have a warehouse or a garage to put these plants until they are cleaned up. When they get delivered, they get put directly into the shop. Since it is warm now (I live in the Midwest), I could clean them up easier now but in the winter - not so easy.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thank you. I will post this question also in the Houseplant Forum but I was thinking that the "experts" would most likely be in this forum.

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