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'Friday musin'' (sorry to steal it!)

rob333 (zone 7a)
15 years ago

but it's more along that line today. My thoughts they are only drawing nigh to anything serious, touching on nothing and everything at once. I noticed the daffodils heavy with rain, their heads nodding in slumber. The winter wind blew so hard, it tried to knock the hood off my head, and I replied, "Yes, I know it's still winter; rage rage against the dying of your light. I got it, you're still here!" I've been thinking of lamb stew with soda bread and singing Irish ballads. Molly Malone, When the boys come rolling home, and Danny boy since St Patrick's is so close. I think it's a music that makes most feel uncomfortable because it's so emotional, especially the unthinkable, unspeakable, unnoteworthy, sad. But that's what's great about the Irish, we're an emotional people. All emotion isn't bad. Yes, we'll cry in our beer, but we're also full life and bubbling over with anger. All of it, a pacakge deal. Not trying to make anyone uncomfortable, just glad I can feel it all! I wish they could too. Emotions sure can be a scary deal. Today, my mind is muddled with melancholy for slower days. Time to curl up with a good political book and study study study for my other mid term which will next Wednesday so I can think about happier things and be more secure in my schoolwork.

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