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Organic fertilizers for containers?

15 years ago

I'm new to this board and new to gardening in general.

I'm hoping to start growing edibles in my yard, with a raised bed veg garden and a few potted citrus and herbs in my patio. My question tonight concerns those containers.

From reading here and the Container forum, it's becoming increasingly obvious that there are few---if any---viable options for organic fertilizers for containers. SERIOUSLY?

A few of the posters here have even gone so far to say that that if you really want organic you should abandon your plans for pots, and just put it in ground?

My main concern with growing organic is the chemical residue IN THE FOOD and less so the politics of being organic. As a new gardener, I don't really even understand whether products like Miracle Gro and the other synthetic fertilizers enter the food cells? Are there products that are synthetic that are still relatively safe, natural, etc. Or are the two mutually exclusive? I always thought of the "miracle gros" of the world were nothing but straight chemical... and I'd be reluctant to use something like that in my food items.

I had this vision of my drab concrete patio being transformed by terra cotta pots filled with citrus and herbs and blueberries. But I'm not willing to use synthetic fertilizers if that will ultimately enter the food and then my body. So I may have to rethink my plans on that.

And it's a bummer, I just planted 4 blueberries in one of "Al's mixes" (he's a regular over on the container board) and I used composted redwood bark, perlite, and some organic potting mix from the nursery. I threw in a handful of some of the EB Stone Camilia fert and planned to come here tonight for information about ongoing fertilization, and now I fear I'm going to have a very expensive hedge of fruitless blueberry shrubs.

Which leads me to the question: is it just that the organic fertilizers out there won't work WELL (i.e. the plant won't put out to its full "genetic potential" as Al from the container forum would say) or is it that the plants won't fruit at all. Or survive, even.

The nursery told me to use EB Stone fertilizers with my container stuff. Is that an option? I've also seen Gardens Alive and fish emulsion (oooooh stinky) mentioned here.

But the hard core container growers seem to insist it can't be done "organically."

Please, someone, enlighten me on this if you can. I just spent a small fortune on plants I wanted to grow on said patio and if I can't grow them organically I'm takin' em back!


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