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is it too late to plant a cover crop for this year's tomatoes?

I'm preparing a new garden area this year for up to 1000 tomato plants. I'll be interplanting some other things too, but tomatoes are my main concern. I need to accomplish a couple things:

1) I need to get rid of most of the weeds and grass from the bed areas.

2) I need to provide some fertilizer.

I'm considering a few ideas:

1) I could try a cover crop. But is it too late to do this for this year's tomatoes? I'm just starting my seeds, so I have a minimum of 6 weeks. And I could hold off a little longer if necessary. I also wouldn't have time to do much more than mow the existing weeds and grass, before planting a cover crop, so I don't know how well it would work.

2) Use straw for mulch to suppress the weeds and grass. And compost for fertilizer. I have a very small budget, but I could afford them, if I really need them.

3) I could just mow the existing weeds and grass, then rake them onto the new bed areas. Then pull weeds as they come up, and drop them on top the beds too. I think this would work, and it's cheap. But I don't know if it would supply enough stuff, like nitrogen. Or supply it in time.

4) For fertilizer, I could plant some stinging nettles and comfrey. Then soak them in water, and use the water to feed my plants. I'm also wondering if I could just mow some weeds and grass, and soak that instead.

5) I also thought about interplanting beans for nitrogen. But I read they won't supply nitrogen while they're still growing. And if I harvest the beans, they won't supply much nitrogen at all.

Or maybe a combination of these methods would be best. And I'll probably have a lot of slugs, so I have to consider that too. Does anyone have advice?

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