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One unknown tree & one bamboo-like plant (Malaysia)

8 years ago

Hi everyone, I need a little help with tree/plant identification.

I live in Malaysia and we have two trees growing out of large pots in our garden - however we have no idea what they are. We previously had other plants grow in those pots, but they died a long time ago. We suspect that some birds dropped seeds into the pots.

You can probably tell that my family doesn't have green thumbs, but I have become increasingly interested in gardening and I'm very curious about those trees/plants. One of them is growing rapidly taller and it looks like we will need to transplant it at some point. The other - well - looks a little sad and is falling over (need to tame it).

Tree 1 - To my knowledge, it's never flowered/fruited

New shoots?





Taken in the early evening. Both trees are located in the same place. They don't get a lot of direct sun.

Tree 2 - bamboo-like? Flowered a little this year but they wilted and dried up.


Dried up flower remains




Does anyone have any idea of what they are?

Thank you in advance :)

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