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getting rid of cut worms organically

18 years ago

I read somewhere that you can use grits or cream of wheat to get rid of cutworms. The idea was to prepare the soil, soak well, and put it out 1-2 weeks before planting. The cutworms will come up and eat it, there being no other vegetable matter present, and it swells up in them and they die. I have used cream of wheat sucessfully to get rid of unwanted anthills. I wonder if anyone has used it for cutworms, and did it work? I'm getting ready to plant corn and beans--way too many plants to try to "sleave" them all. I found a dozen or more very big fat worms in the area I'm planting when I spaded it, and had trouble last summer with cutworms nipping new sweet potato plants there also. I really don't want to use chemicals.

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