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leathery wrinkled cattelya leaves

12 years ago

We have been keeping orchids for 10 yrs; with success until about 2 yrs. ago. At this time all of the plants went into decline. We have researched & done all suggested care from re-potting, insect treating & feeding & have only seen further decline in plant health.

3 yrs. ago our community experienced a disasterous salmonella contamination in our public water supply & now our water is heavily chlorine-treated.

We already had been using reverse osmosis technology for our orchids from the beginning but question if chlorine still could be the problem?

We are in a rural area & other orchid growers we know of in close proximity are on their own well-water supply.

Leaves are faded, leathery & wrinkled & blossom production has stopped completely. Is there any way we can save our plants?

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