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Can't figure out this plant, tall V shape.

14 years ago


There are these plants that are growing near my work, they may have been planted by the landscapers and not be native to this area. I have no pictures at the moment unfortunately.

They grow very fast, about 10-15 feet tall I'd say, the stalk are probably about 2-3" thick at the base. They have multiple stalks/trunks, making a V shape, sometime have upto 3 trunks.

The most interesting characteristic that I hope will aid in identifying this plant is that in the fall, it does not just drop it's leaves, it actually will drop all its branches, leaves and all. This just leaves what looks like 2 or 3 long skinny fingers sticking up in the air. The branches grow up the trunks from near the base to the tip. The leaves are longish and thin. No flowers that I have seen.

Thanks for any help!


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