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Please Jane, can you tell me more about this plant?

11 years ago

Jane, I wasn't sure if you would see this on the other thread so i wanted to put it here.

First of all, we think that your plant should have it's own space here since it is a 'masterpiece'.

I have a few questions about it and so you know which one, I have reposted it to make it easy.

Although I know it is an 'Angraceum', there are different varieties of them.

Was it blooming size when you first bought it, or did you have to wait a time before it did?

I think it's lovely, and actually, not only do I want to one, but so does my sister.

Do you have a source I could go to, to purchase one?

Thanks a million for all the good info on orchids you dispense here and for the lovely pics.



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