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some wildflowers popped up, how best to care for them

12 years ago

hi. spread some wildflower mix last summer in an ugly spot in the yard, and these are what are showing now. the soil is clay-heavy and was mildly treated (just a little mulch and a little lime+sul-po-mag turned into the topsoil). the mix had a lot of different seeds, but these are what are winning.

a: what are they?

b: how best to care for them? should i clip "dead-heads"? cut them down at some point in the year to encourage future re-growth? since they survived the winter and bloomed, i'm inclined to take care of them so they keep going if possible... they're mixed in with some nasturtium which was already present, and some kind of blue-flowering vine, and some nasty algerian ivy i've been culling.

this is in coastal northern california. mild temps, salty air, summer fog, etc.


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