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Whoopie! Assorted Odds 'N Ends Feb 1st

14 years ago

Rambling thread. Feel free to ramble with me.

Check your weather forecasts. Tomorrow is Ground Hog Day! Winter is officially half over and we are on the downhill slide to spring. I'm enclosing the webcam link to that famous Pennsylvania rodent weatherman Phil. I am sure our State's own Buckeye Chuck has one too, but I can't find it immediately. For a change, I am praying for overcast. LOL.

My thought for the day. Shoelaces. Is is just me? I wore my work oxfords to the market yesterday and of course, they have shoelaces. I've found out that every pair of shoes I own have the same generic laces. They are twice as long as needed, and seem to be coated with an amazing lubricant we could use for gear grease. I tied them eight times as I shopped, giving everyone in the store up close and personal views of my backside. I took the time to count how many times I tied them, to assure myself it wasn't my imagination. They can unravel themselves from double bows, like I used to put on my toddler's shoes, quicker than Houdini. argh.

Here is a link that might be useful: Phil's little weather log

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