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Fungicide / Pesticide options

15 years ago

Specifically for the corn I plan on growing. The people at the seed co. stated that very few, if anyone, can get a good corn crop without chemicals. I wonder if this is true. The culture they quote is as follows:

Early May sowings should be treated with an insecticide such as Diazanon and a fungicide (Captan or Captan - Thiram)if seeds are untreated. Sowings after June 1st should not need either

Apply Sevin insecticide in 5 day intervals, after corn is 18 in./46 cm high - direct spray into the axis of the leaves for corn borers. As "silks" appear, make 5 more applications of Sevin in 2 or 3 day intervals for ear worm control

There has got to be a better way.....Please help.

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