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WANTED: I have orchid seeds from Turkey, would like Plumeria see

17 years ago

Hi everybody,

I ordered what was supposed to be plumeria seeds from a guy in Turkey (his ebay id is - sirpoetryand mine is dominic1964 if you want to look up the transaction) I somehow wound up with these itty bitty seeds in sealed plastic pouches and are marked wih a card "plumeria orchid."

They came with really difficult growing instructions (I have never grown orchids from seed and don't even understand the directions!).

Two packets say "Fire PLumeria Orchid" and the other 3 have "Plumeria Orchid - Plumeria Pudica". They are definitely not plumeria seeds (at least not like any I have ever seen). These came from Turkey so maybe they are something new to you guys? If you are interesed please let me know. I would like to have any plumeria seeds, especially rainbow or peach colors, but any would do!

Best wishes,


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