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HAVE: list I am offering

15 years ago

Howdy All

I'm selling a few orchids again elsewhere, but I thought I would come over here and post them too. Used to come here a lot, but times change, interests change, as well as jobs, duties, etc.

Willing to trade for white or pink catts, or other means of transfer . Have pictures of the blossoms, and the actual plants. Just email me at

and I will send it to you as soon as possible.

Polkas List of Orchids

1. Slc Tangerine Imp x Slc Kauai ÂStarbrightÂ

Large previously bloomed three to four pseudo-bulb front divisions. Have eight of these. Usually blooms in heads of 5 to 7 three-inch blossoms in November-December. Repotted January 2009.

2. Rhyncholaelia (Brassavola) glauca x C skinneri

Three to five pseudo-bulb front divisions. Finished repotting these in March and April 2009. Blooms January through March. Loves to hang! I have ten previously bloomed divisions available.

3. Noid Gold with Red Lip.

Very Fragrant. Blooms on every new growth, up to six blossoms when well fed. Six previously bloomed 3 to 5 pseudo-bulb front divisions available. Repotted February 2009.

4. Lc. Pomme dÂOr

Large previously bloomed four and five pseudo-bulb front divisions with lead(s). Fragrant. December to February bloom season. Up to 6 three-inch blossoms. Have about 12 available. Divisions prepared when ordered.

5. Lc Park Ridge

I do not know if this is the ÂThornburg cultivar or not. Large previously bloomed four pseudo-bulb front divisions. Will have about twelve available late May 2009 when they are finished blooming. Spring bloomer with 3 to 5 six-inch blossoms. A lot of four buds this spring. Divisions made when ordered.

6. Lc Fires of Spring x Bc Mount Hood

Three large previously bloomed 3-4 pseudo-bulb front divisions available. Blooms November to January. Fragrant, 4 to 5 inch blossoms. Repotted January 2009.

7. Gongora quinquenervis

Six inch pots. Many pseudo-bulbs. Starting to make new growths now. Repotted Spring 2008. Blooming is about over, now. Have four available. Fragrant.

8. Epicatt [Lc Little Susie x (Epi. Atropurpureum) = Enc cordigera ]

Large, tall, three to four pseudo-bulb front divisions. Now only have one available. These get tall when they are happy. Repotted February 2009.

9. Encyclia radiata

Over-grown 4-inch pots. Now only three available. Very fragrant cockle-shell type, summer bloomer. Repotted autumn of 2006.

10. Dendrobium kingianum.

The diminutive Australian rock orchid. It likes cattleya light or brighter. This is the typical pink/white variety. Very fragrant. Previously bloomed front divisions of more than five pseudo-bulbs. Repotted January 2009. Now only have seven available.

11. C labiata semi-alba ÂMarinaÂ

This may be mislabeled. It does not have double sheath. Blooms late November to early January, a little out of the labiata bloom season. I am selling as is. Fragrant 4 to 5 inch blooms in twos and threes. Repotted these in February 2009. Large previously bloomed three to four pseudo-bulb front divisions. Have six available.

12. Cattleya bowringiana

Overgrown. Have thirteen available. Fast grower, often makes multiple leads. October/November bloom season. Repotted winter 2003/04.

13. C. Sea Breeze ÂBlue RibbonÂ

Fragrant walkeriana cross, 2 to 5 four-inch blossoms in the May-June time frame. Three to four pseudo-bulb previously bloomed front divisions. I have two available. Repotted December 2008. They may be coming into sheath.

14. ( Cattleya labiata var. rubra x C. Antonica Frederick ) x C. Nigrella ÂJungle PrincessÂ

Old, fragrant, line-bred dark lavender cross. Three to four pseudo-bulb previously bloomed front divisions. I have five remaining. Blooming as early as late September thru early November.

15. Bc Deesse sibling cross [Charles x Charlotte Jean]Â

Large previously bloomed three to five pseudo-bulb front divisions. Have three available. This is an older variety, used in breeding back in the 1970s, usually blooms in twos. Repotted February 2009.

16. Noid "Winter Splash" cattleya.

Two to three lavender, white, and yellow tricolor four-inch fragrant blooms in December to February. Large three to four pseudo-bulb front divisions. Two available. Repotted April 2009.

17. Noid "Winter Pink" cattleya.

Medium lavender with slightly darker blotch. Fragrant, five-inch blossoms in twos and threes usually in December and January. Large three to four pseudo-bulb front divisions. Repotted February 2009. Have four available.

As I said, I have pictures of actual plants available for sale. Just ask by sending an email to .


and may all your orchids bloom like crazy!


aka Polka

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