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16 years ago

Hi all. A slight change of plans has delayed my glass house, so I am starting to cut down on the orchids I had been growing to put in there. These had been kept seperate from those on the light bench and escaped my repotting rampage, so ALL need to be repotted.

Due to an upcoming surgery I will not be able to ship or receive plants between May 1'st and May 8'th. I may also be slow in answering email that week.


Lc "Princess Road", a small purple mini catt

blooming size in a 2" pot

leaves have some purplr, slightly raised discoloration but plant is healthy

Potinara "Cameron's Magnetism"

blooming size in a 4" pot

2 avaliable

Oncidium flexuosom

about a year from blooming in a 2" pot

3 avaliable

Want list:

Tolumnia, species

Sophronitis, species

Promenea, species or hybrids

Warmth tolerant Masdies, species or hybreds

Phal Chibae

Slc "Precious Stones"

compact phrags

multiflowered phaphs

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