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rabbit manure with litter?

15 years ago

Hi folks,

I've just secured myself a source of free rabbit manure, which is a great boon here in the city.

My uncertainty, however, is this. These rabbits use a litter made of wood stove pellets, so the stuff available to me is a combination of manure, and urine-soaked wood pellets. The rabbit keeper tells me that once soaked with urine, the wood pellets break down quite easily.

The manure and litter has been put in a pile outdoors all Winter, so I'm assuming that the top of the pile will be quite fresh, and the bottom will be more aged.

I know I can use fresh rabbit manure in my garden, but can I use the manure/urine/pellet combo as-is? Or will that cause a problem? Will I need to add nitrogen to help the wood stove pellets decompose, or will the additional urine take care of that for me?

Given that it's already February, I don't have time to compost this manure prior to Spring planting. I'm in desperate need of a large amount of good organic matter to get some new beds started, so I'm looking for a way to make use of at least some of this sooner rather than later.



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