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My dog died:-(

17 years ago

13 yrs ago DH picked up a shiverng and scared puppy on a bridge in south GA, drove around but saw no houses nearby so he brought her home, took her to the vet the next day, he said she was a yellow lab and would be one of the best dogs we'd ever have! Turned out to be so true!

Even though she destroyed all the porch furniture, tore up the screen, chewed up and ruined the central hvac system outside, many other things, all this in her first 18 months.. After she got over that, (we think she was jealous of yorkie living inside) she became the best dog in the world!! We finally let her live indoors at age 3, and I can honestly write you that she never did one thing wrong in this house, she was so grateful for letting her in.

She was a huge dog, longer legs than most labs, she wasn't fat but weighed 100 lbs and had arthritis and heart problems, did great on meds for 2 yrs but old age finally got her 2 weeks ago. (She had a doggie door and would fly out of it after squirrels so we think she bumped her legs so much on that..) Vet said it was amazing she lived that long and tried to make us feel better about that, to no avail.. we had her cremated and have been in such a funk since then.

We didn't have children so these animals, omg, like babies to us that never grew up. Peanut, the cat, walks all over the house looking for that big pup.. Dixie, the african grey, was quiet about it for a few days then hasn't stopped saying, 'FRIDAY AT THE LAKE'.. (we had a lakehouse for 6 yrs and I'd leave town just about every Thursday afternoon and take the dogs and cat with me, leaving the birds for Robert to take care of, he taught her 'mama at the lake', he never said 'friday at the lake'... but she had thought about it, I guess..

Anyway, it's neat when you get a new animal but man oh man what a heartbreak when they leave.. thx for this outlet even though I'm sitting here bawling. The day she died, wonder why I'd subject myself to sitting here at the comp searching every picture I could find of a yellow lab, it was like torture but I couldn't stop looking at them.

Hope all of your pets are doing well this summer day, give them an extra hug for me.

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