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Do water drops count?

13 years ago

Okay, I have been waiting for rain, why? Because I could take a picture of the gutter overflowing, or the rain on the sky lights, or a big ole puddle after the rain, but will it rain? NO! strike 1

I have a fountain but the pump does not work, not going to replace it because I want to just sell the little thing. Theme this week is water so unless I can get my dad to blow through a hose hard enough to make the water bubble then the fountain is no good to me.....strike 2

There is a lake I sort of drive by on the way to the nursing home to see mom and my brother......but in order to get a picture one must have a camera with them. I keep forgetting the darn camera! Then yesterday, when I had the camera I forgot to get the picture! strike 3

Was about ready to give up when I realized I still have a HOSE! So out I went, turned the thing on and her is the results.......water droplets on daylily 'Wild Mustang'


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