Idyll 301 Baby It's Cold Outside!

Lara Noles
14 years ago

I heard on the news this morning it even snowed in Malibu!

Carry on Idylls...

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  • dodgerdudette
    14 years ago
    last modified: 6 years ago

    Greetings from windy Napa..what a strange day weather-wise here. Gusty winds all day and temps nearly 70. This was the first frost free morning in weeks-though it was 35 so only barely frost free. No rain on the horizon. I had to water some things today, which is a novel activity for January here in Nor Cal. However, thanks to rain free days I finished my soil prep in front and planted two more of my new roses there, Tuscan Sun and Souv. de Malmaison.
    I also dug up my yellow Phygelius (Moonraker) which I hated to do because I truly love that plant but it is just way too invasive.I put a chunk of it in a pot and will grow it that way from now on. I will undoubtedly be still digging it up for many months to come before I get all the runners out-sort of like trying to get rid of pink jasmine,which I fear I will never fully eradicate.

    Marian, you must be the undisputed Queen of Blooming Houseplants.! That cyclamen looks better than most of the ones I see growing outside.

    Martie, good for you re: the begonia. Will you have to bring your Camelia in for the winter there ? The flowers on mine look horrible right now with the constant freezes we've had.

    Taryn, for the last few years I no longer buy anything with hydrogenated oils-it's really astonishing how many foods include them. I read a label on the Chicken of the Sea tuna can and there they were, along with alot of other multi-syllable ingredients. Sounds like you have settled in well after your move-isn't it a releif to feel like you made the right choice ? My late hubby and I moved our family here to Napa when when the kids were 1 and 5; it was a 500 mile move froma relatively large city (San Diego) to a small city. We never regretted it. My kids were young enough that this is home to them.

    Babs, that curbside garden took me about three years to complete..the previous "landscaping" was rock , so I had to get rid of that before I could do anything. I found a co-worker who was attempting to do a do a dry streambed in his backyard and he came and got it. The soil underneath it was unspeakable-I wish I had known about lasagne gardening then, would have saved me alot of work ! It's still not up to speed, but I 'm going to smother mulch it this spring .I've put some of my daylilies in there too.
    Good job on the leather jacket !

    Well, I'm going to see if I can finish reading th Sunday paper and then maybe post over on the book thread to see if I can give it a jump start !

    Oh, almost forgot, took a pic of another one of my begonias
    I got this as a cutting from a friend who did not know the name.

    Ta Ta
    Kathy in Napa

  • Sue W (CT zone 6a)
    14 years ago
    last modified: 6 years ago

    Hey, good idea-let's post pictures of garden days gone by but soon to return...we've got a freezing rain advisory in effect for the morning commute. Time to visualize.


    As predicted this was yet another whirlwind weekend. The party appeared to be a huge success. Deanne has some pictures and hopefully will share one or two of them soon. Although Tom admitted to being a bit suspicious and he suspected there would be a few more people waiting at the restaurant he was shocked at the size of the adoring crowd. We didn't get home from the party til 10 then stayed up with my brothers for another few hours. One of my SILs had way, way too much to drink. It was amusing to a certain point but leaves me wondering what's up with that? I was shocked when she descended the stairs this morning and was able to scarf down breakfast.

    The last of the company left at noon. I had just enough time to jump in the shower and head out to Pomfret to meet Martie, PM2 and company for lunch at the Vanilla Bean Cafe for 1:30. Tom decided to join me. It was a nice day for a ride and the ride out through northeastern CT is scenic all year round. Lunch was eggplant parm, a salad and a slice of their to die for creme brulee cheesecake. We got home at 3:30 and I quickly changed into multiple layers of walking clothes and went for my usual 4-5 mile afternoon walk. It was cold (26F) and raw-the coldest day I've walked so far this season. After I got home it was a good half hour before I regained full use of my fingers. Then it was on to stretching and Pilates and finally dinner.

    On top of all the running around today I slept poorly last night so bed is looking more attractive every

    "See" you all tomorrow.


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    I have a large leaf pile (30X8), and without thinking I dismantled it ahead of the cold wave (I want to do something in the cold season, plus the large bags of compost could be efficiently dragged through the snow). That bare ground got frozen down to -1F. I want to see if I have whacked something like squash vine borer, that was the deepest litter they can find in at least a square mile. It could be an IPM method. BTW, today is the ugliest 46F day ever. It has been called a snow day here, after the mixed stuff that fell overnight froze on contacting the frozen roads. it is also foggy, with a persistent drizzle and 400yds visibility. 60F tomorrow, and we will break records. it is still a much warmer than average winter.
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    Greylady gardener, haha, I can see it now....quick run here comes that lady trying to give me plants again. Wait...I think I have that reputation already....especially with purple and white bearded iris. LOL! Primgal36, Not all seeds can be winter sowed. If the instructions say they need 80 degrees...then I wouldn't try them. But most of the ordinary seeds can be winter sowed in your zone. I don't want to discourage zone is very different than most. And don't forget you can also just sprinkle or plant some seed right in place in very early spring. Doesn't help with the winter blahs, but sure makes it easier. Ask as many questions as you want here....there is a great bunch here always willing to help...we all asked a lot of questions when we started out too. Hey Triple b, what dahlias did you order this year and from where? I am starting pom pon and cactus dahlias from seed this year. Then I plan on seeing what Costco has in the bags this year when the $3 coupon is on in March. I really loved the small single dahlias I got from there last year. Guess its time to pop over to the dahlia forum. :) Sierra
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    Sounds like IÂm not the only one frozen in! fiedlermeister, from what I hear from friends, beside the cold you folks in Maine have had your fair share of snow this year too. Yuck. smokemaster, youÂre killing me send some of the high temps my way! chililover, I figured joeknowsjolokia was talking -2F. Definitely not shorts and t-shirt weather! IÂm starting early for a few of reasons but primarily because of the jolokias slow growth rate. As for starting other varieties by March, last growing season was cool, dim and wet here which resulted in a miserable crop of peppers. I want to get some good growth underway before this years plants head outdoors in case we have a repeat of last years weather. Bill
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    The pots and sweaters belong to a retirement home located in a small town 2 hrs away from Cape Town. Winter temperatures drop low, sometimes they get snow in the mountains. I was visiting a friend, saw the sweaters there and thought it was a cute idea! Also it helps the elderly to have their mind active and motivated. You can see they try different designs and colours. They wash the sweaters often to keep the pots clean xD My friend thinks the plants are happier and warmer during the winter. (maybe I should experiment with mine).
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  • dodgerdudette
    14 years ago
    last modified: 6 years ago

    Eden, love the rose pics ! Is the pink Mary Rose ? Also love the clematis growing up the tree. I notice the "Jack Frost" Brunnera which I have searched for locally to no avail.
    Looks like it will have to be mail order if I really want it.

    Fear not, it will be June some day !

    Kathy in Napa

  • gardenbug
    14 years ago
    last modified: 6 years ago

    June thoughts


  • deanneart
    14 years ago
    last modified: 6 years ago

    Great pics everyone. Sue your gardens are always gorgeous! Love them.

    We had a terrific time at the party and I think Tom was really pleased with his party if not totally surprised.
    So here are a couple pics from last night.

    Sue and her DB's

    Tom and his Mom

    The "Three Amigas" I'm only posting this as I thought you'd all get as big a kick out of the coordinating outfits as I did. No, no, no.... we didn't plan it. When I got there and saw Monique with the jacket I cracked up laughing but then when Sue arrived and stuck to the winter white top and dark bottom motif I just about ROTFLOL....

    Norma, LOL, yes that is exactly like my blind except it is a different camo pattern. Too funny!

    OK must run. I'm pretty tired and have to get my beauty sleep.

    Nite all

    PS Thumb our Noses at Winter party is going to be held on the first Saturday of March. Any interested parties please contact me for more info.

  • michelle_zone4
    14 years ago
    last modified: 6 years ago

    We received another 2 or 3 inches of snow over night.

    Kathy, Ive been enjoying your rose pictures.

    Cynthia, as I was reading I thought "she needs a dehydrator" My son had his own, one year he asked for it for a gift. He loved doing apples especially.

    I did come home from shopping without curtain material. Just couldnt find the right thing. I actually only have valances in my house as I like to see out, after all we do live in the country, whose going to see in?

    Cindy, I think I will make the straight valance without fringe but maybe a cording along the top and I will mount them on a board.

    Marian, the A. Violets are so pretty. It will be your fault if I come home from the store with one again. My last one went into the compost this fall as I was so annoyed that after 2 years it hadnt bloomed. The bluff picture is very interesting.

    Norma, I loved seeing Wyatts birthday pictures, hes adorable. It was also fun to see Jake and you and DH.

    Drema, LOL about Skip not wanting you to start another project. Rick said just yesterday that we are the couple of the unfinished projects. We usually have several going at a time. You will have to show us pictures of your finished rooms.

    Honey, too bad about not winning the kitchen makeover. Our cabinets are 30 years old, but they are Woodmode which are very high quality. I also have lots of nice features such as the pantry cupboard, pull out spice rack and cookie sheet/cutting board cupboard.

    It looks like the birthday party for Tom was a success. You gals do look lovely together.

    Babs, great score on the jacket. I do love a bargain.

    What fun to see the pictures from everyones gardens. Here are a few roses from mine.




  • martieinct
    14 years ago
    last modified: 6 years ago

    Good rosy morning!! What a treat. My rose contribution at this point is a question:

    I have a Climbing Peace that is about 10' tall. It had one lonesome bloom last season (it's first in the ground). It is in the Z6 part of the park. In Z7 I have a Golden Showers. I've never been a big fan since the flowers are so brief. So, how does one move a 10' climber? The canes are healthy to the top given our weird winter.

    I'll be able to leave this Camellia outside, Kathy. It has been proven reliably bloom hardy to -10degF and it will be well protected. Should begin bloom right after Hellebore and with very early daffs. 'April Tryst' is the red of the 'April' series and i'm darn excited to have it.

    BTW: Thank you, thank you, thank you PM2 for pointing out the vines covering the Camellias at Logee's. For a moment I thought they were in the greenhouse in full sun. PM2 pointed out, NOT. This sealed my decision to use the plant but in a different place.

    Eden: Thanks for the encouragement re: Art Hodes. I've always been a rex fan and have had several, but didn't think there was a good spot in this house. Well, they are in a southern window but we keep the blinds half open to block the glaring sun and a view of other houses. It's not a waste of the window since last winter it wasn't quite "enough" for full sun plants that were Supposed to bloom. The rexes like it there. Good luck with the painting!! Sounds like you are on the home stretch.

    Honey: I'll take a roll over a stubbed toe anyday :-) Sounds like you're having a blast with your projects, and I'm sure it will be elegant and lovely.

    Michelle: Why is it that we're really gung-ho on a project and then when the materials don't materialize it's okay? Glad I'm past the point of "get something 'almost' right to get the project done." Learned long ago that it isn't worth it.

    Drema: I believe your brother saw your father. I also believe that this will give him great peace. Thoughts stay with you .....

    Sue, Monique, Deanne: LOL!!!! What a great shot!! You three always look so "right" when you're together and the coordinating outfits cap it off. Tom, I think, was equally surprised when Deb, PM2 and I all wished him happy birthday at the V.B. "Who didn't know about this???????" It was the first time I met Tom and he is "just Right" with Sue. I don't think though, Sue, that it will be safe for Rich ahd him to go electronic shopping together :-0 Perhaps we'll send Steve with them for balast.

    Deanne: The visual cracks me up: You in a camo blind with a heater and huge cuppa and your camera at the ready. This is a serious question: Can you wear gloves and work the camera at the same time? Reason I asked: I use those little cheapo disposable handwarmers all the time and they may come in handy.

    Norma: Your boys look so happy and content. Great pic of you and DH with Wyatt. Wow, is he getting big fast!

    Chelone: Thought for a long time before responding to your question about your Mom's "evaporating". I don't understand in terms of a parent as my own parents and former in-laws are all still in great shape. Rich's parents died before he and I really got together (his Mom's funeral day was the first time I saw him dressed up, in spite of the event, Yummmmm, but I digress). Thus, I don't have a parental comparison. But I do have my brother who "comes and goes" with no notice. I mourn when he is "gone" and rejoice when he is "here." Knowing that there is so much locked up inside that can't get out, and knowing he has no clue about his "real" abilities when he's in two-year-old mode is hard. I speak, really speak with my mother every few days and your question got me thinking of what life will be like when, for whatever reason, we don't do that anymore. It will be different, and a large part of me hopes that the body goes before the mind. If there's any room for this feeling, I guess I would be grateful for the silly moments (I'll always remember the rodent pic) that let "her" out, and know that this disease just smothered her rather than took her away. I'm rambling, but you've given me a lot of food for thought and I'm doubly grateful that I'm thinking of it now rather than when it's in my face. You've been so open with your feelings, and in that way have helped me "get ready" as much as I can for the inevitable. This is generous. Thank you.

    Another wacko week is on the horizon. Lucrative, but wacko. See you when I can!

    Jumping up and down waving to everybody!!


  • deanneart
    14 years ago
    last modified: 6 years ago

    A quick good morning, I've got too get to the gym and fill some orders etc. today. I've not been able to get to the gym for a week because I blew out my right knee at Doug's company holiday party the weekend before last and I've GOT to get to the gym today. I think the knee is healed up enough to deal with the stairs if I'm careful. What a bother! I need to remember that I'm 54 years old with arthritis in my knees and I can't do the twist to the floor and back up without consequences... ROTFLOL... I'm just a dancing fool I tell you.

    Anyway, Martie, yes I can wear gloves, I found these terrific 'Glomits' at Cabelas, they have a pocket that flips over the fingers and even little pockets that flip over the thumbs. In the back of the finger pocket they have a zippered compartment to put one of those little hand warmers. They are just the thing! Yes, I do look pretty silly but as Im only using a 400mm lens instead of the scope which had an effective reach of 1,200mm Ive got to get very close to the little birds to get clean, sharp photos. So, sitting in a blind is the answer.

    Later all, have a great day

  • cynthia_gw
    14 years ago
    last modified: 6 years ago

    Keep the roses coming! Here are my two favorites Ballerina and Footloose ~ Footloose was my first rose, and hard to find because no one realizes what a great rose it is.


    Did anyone notice that Tom's mother was also carrying out the winter white theme? :-)

  • gardenbug
    14 years ago
    last modified: 6 years ago

    You ladies are way cool! Love the outfits and the beaming faces.

    Some roses to break the winter feel...
    Astrid Lindgren

    Morden Sunrise

    The Alexandra Rose


    Autumn Sunset

  • chloehoover
    14 years ago
    last modified: 6 years ago

    Dreaming of sun and flowers (instead of snow, ice & slush I had to deal w/ this a.m.!)




    Monday, Monday.... le sigh.


  • prairiemoon2 z6b MA
    14 years ago
    last modified: 6 years ago

    Nice drive to Logee's yesterday. Cold but sunny and not too long a drive. It was great meeting Sue and Martie and their spouses and Cloud Nine from the NE Forum. Good job with the planning, Martie. Lunch was very pleasant at the Vanilla Bean. I ended up bringing home Hibiscus The Path and Gardener's Joy geranium. I've never tried a regal geranium, so this should be interesting. Martie's camellia is gorgeous! I don't think I have ever seen one quite like it. The Rex begonia Art Hodes is very unusual too. I hope you will post more photos of all your Rex Begonias, Martie. Cloud Nine also went home with a begonia but I don't think she posts to this thread. Lots of fun hearing about Tom's reaction to his surprise BD party. Sue did a great job of surprising him, from his account of what he was expecting. We didn't get home until almost 4pm, halfway through the Bears vs the Saints. Then our Patriots played at 6:30pm and very disappointing loss. Long day, so planning a quiet day today. I am adding these notes to the start of a post I had going....have a great Monday, everyone. :-)

    Eden...isn't that neat to be named after such a pretty song. Really nice story. Thanks for the suggestion for the David Austin catalog. I plan on calling and getting one this week. Did I really see a $40. price tag on their roses? Last time I bought a rose, it was about $15. [g] I am ordering seeds but not plants until the spring. Then I will most likely order locally.

    I used to lose posts and hate to start all over again. Inevitably I would lose them after I just typed a long one. Now I use Wordpad that is on my computer to compose my posts, and hit save a lot, [g] then copy/paste them. That way if I get disconnected, I don't lose the post.

    I love that you watch Jeopardy with Bella every night. My mother loved Jeopardy and wouldn't miss it. Everytime I see it I think of her and how many nights we all watched it together. She was 87 when she died and she was still watching Hope you get your camera fixed soon. Very pretty rose photos..and like your clematis on the tree trunk and obelisk. Looking at garden photos always makes me wish for summer too. :-) happy for you that DD is handling the ex situation so well and DGS is calling you. I think it is so cute he is calling you by your first name. Just the fact that he is calling you speaks volumes about the connection he made. He must be so thrilled to have all of you. So, which clematis did you order? Loved the photo of you and your daughter at her wedding. Such happy smiles! Also enjoyed your photo of your garden in June. I suspect you have a gorgeous garden. I have enjoyed all your photos. Are the white spires verbascum? what are you going to sow in your new light set up? Lots of herbs on your list?

    Kathy.....loved your orchid, it is one of my favorite colors and the Molineaux Rose is real beauty. I really like it. Did you prune it to keep it that low, or is that it's natural form? Did you have to buy it direct from David Austin? Your neighbors are so lucky that you share your garden with the neighborhood. What variety of campanula is that? I also just loved the first photo of the Pierre Ronsard and Sally Holmes. You must have a house full of bouquets all summer. Your fence makes a good background. Did you grow Dahlia last year? Photos? I would be very excited to be ordering Dahlias. :-)

    Since you have Netflix maybe they have Shadow of a Doubt. I'll bet you would really enjoy it. I think it was on cable recently. I also love Joseph Cotton. I tried to figure out if I saw The Third Man and it doesn't sound familiar, I will have to try it and see. So when you did your all time top 25, what did #1 end up being?

    Cold pressed olive oil here for a long time. The hydorgenated oils really scare me.

    Woody.....Do you also watch the Dog Whisperer? I hope your new helper works out well her first week and glad to hear you don't have to go back for another MRI for awhile. I'm glad to hear you are still keeping up your knitting. I'm sure it must be hard with the tendonitis. Wow, that it has actually given you some improvement. You must have been so excited. I understand about Amos and Andy closet. I didn't realize... we have a lot of those here. [g] [Ooops, guess it was Fibber McGhee] So sorry about the awful time of it you have had with the ice.

    I love the photos of Wyatt. He is SO cute! What did he get for a BD gift that he was so excited about? Great photo of you and DH and Wyatt..I can see why you like it. The photo of the 'musicians'...they look pretty happy! Sorry, I don't have the names straight in your family yet. Jake is your grandson too? Got a good chuckle from the duck I had never seen one before. Now I have an image of what Deanne is looking like hunkered down in the backyard. :-)

    EP has been mentioned a few times...not sure who that is?

    Deanne....add me to the list of those saving your photos. :-) Next thing we know, you will be posting from some exotic location, taking photos of parrots or I see your name on your photos. I just wanted to ask you, have you made sure there are no copyright issues with IVillage? I remember when they took over GW, their new policy was that anything posted to the forums belonged to them. I have been very careful what I post because of that. Just wanted to make sure everyone here knows about that policy. No surprise that the photos you took at Sue's house also came out great. :-)

    Michelle...every time my Mom would want to paint a room, my Dad would always say, once you paint one room, forget it, you are going to end up painting the whole It is true, the new makes the old look awful and you end up changing everything. The curtain pattern is a very nice tailored look. Pretty! Also have very little window treatments here, at least in the back because we like to look out too. What a nice close up of your rose blooms. I love the shading of the pinks ..and the drops of water. Good shot. Which rose is it?

    Cynthia....What a funny story about baking the dog treats. So are you planning on dehydrating the sweet potato? I am not following that the 'dogs' have their own Nice photo of your container grouping with that hidden seat behind. Very inviting. :-) I had a similar experience with the city markers when we were doing some digging. I didn't know what all the flags in the front yard Quite the adventures with the grayhounds. I admire your work with them. :-) We left Logee's at about 1:15pm. I wonder if we passed your sister on our way out? [g]

    Taryn....So glad for you that neighbors helped get your basement taken care of before you were knee high. I can commiserate about husbands with bad backs. My husband also has a chronic back problem. He usually ends up at PT a couple of times a year. Thankfully, it has not developed into anything serious. He has gotten better though at doing the back exercises they always recommend to him. Your husband is off until the 2nd of February? Are they recommending the usual..heat/ice, walking, yet? We don't like the 'flat on the back' phase. Been there, done that. One Christmas, my husband, my mother and I all pulled our back out at the same time and the photos from that year were really funny with all of us spending lots of time on the floor. It seemed to us, that the floor was the only place we could get comfortable. [g]

    LOVED the photos of the icy landscape, especially the cat! Tell your kids how lucky they are they had snow to play in. I have felt so bad for the kids in our area. Not one snow day yet and Christmas snow to play in at all. I know I looked forward to that when I was a kid. But, there's still hope for February vacation!

    I'm sorry to hear you have lost your Dad too. He sounds like he was such a wonderful father. I agree you were so blessed to have him. I think of my parents so often and more this year than any other. That is one thing I am grateful for, that the pain has faded enough to allow me to do that more. I find myself imagining their reaction and responses to things happening in my life and it is a comfort for me. Was your Dad interested in gardening at all? Your news about how your move is working out for you and your family is a pleasure to read. I am imagining how happy that would make your Dad. :-)

    That is a lot of land to develop and having clay myself, I wonder if you will be able to lasagna garden? A prairie sounds great to Congratulations on losing 7 pounds already! Such a creative way of going about it. Enjoyed your Mom's BD card too.

    BTW, that song reminds me of another Hitchcock movie with James Stewart and Doris Day who sang it in the movie, The Man Who Knew Too Much, made in 1956.

    Loved your nutritional approach to the cholesterol issues, did you get interested in nutrition?

    Mary....has Annie gotten back from Quebec City yet? How old is she?

    Marian.....thanks for posting your African Violet photos. You have a very nice collection there. My favorite is the white with the purple edge. No, I don't remember listening to radio programs, but I have often heard others talk about 'The Shadow' ..and all I can remember is that famous line. 'The Shadow knows..!' :-) Sorry your fibro is acting up. Have you ever tried taking fish oil and flaxseed for that? I saw quite a bit of improvement with my symptoms when I started using that.

    Cindy...I also have fabric that I finally put in the attic that I don't think I will ever get to using. I may have to send mine to Chelone, so someone can get some use of it. :-)

    Wendy...nice to see you posting! Sorry you didn't make it to Logee's. :-)

    Drema.....what exciting news about your brother! I can hardly believe he is swallowing and talking! What a funny conversation you had with him about the fishing trip he thought he was on, etc. You must be so thrilled that he is sounding like himself and able to eat. I agree, he is doing so well, he is bound to make more and more improvement. Don't I remember that you said someone at the original hospital he was at told you he would not recover at all and wanted you to take him off life support? Thanks for posting such great news. Made my morning. :-)

    Honey...I used to enjoy a good power outage when I was younger, but now I dread them. You have my sympathies, entirely. Such a disappointment not to have won the kitchen. Sounds a little fishy. We did our kitchen over 10 years ago and it was a huge expense even then. I can only imagine what it is now. It was the best decision though. I can't imagine what it would be like now, if we hadn't done it. We spend a lot of time there and my DH and three adult children all enjoy cooking. Keep saving! Have you seen any of those unusual make overs of kitchens on HGTV? Some of them were really low cost redos and a few of them came out great! Glad you found a comforter you liked at the sales. Good job shopping! Do you not have a pet?

    Honey, sorry that you had those experiences growing up. I really have a hard time even imagining a parent would say such a thing to their child, though I know it happens. Even though my Dad was distracted and didn't spend a lot of time with us, nor was he one to offer guidance, at least he seemed to really care about us and be pleased with us. It must be hard to get past that. I hope you become able to see that perhaps your mother's behavior is more about her than it is about you.

    Honey..will you be starting any seeds this winter?

    Babs...What a bargain hunter! Enjoy that leather jacket.

    Sue.........I have seen photos of your backyard, but first time I have seen the front. You did a really wonderful job not only on your front garden but on your house paint as well. Love the two adirondack chairs on the grass. I still find it hard to believe your yard is small. In the photo it looks pretty good size. I notice that you have what is to me, the perfect distance between your plants and reminds me of what a big difference that makes. What is that pretty shrub with the dark foliage and pink flowers? Your brothers are handsome. :-) DH and his Mom look a lot a like. Great shot.

    Monique, Deanne, and I have it right? [g]

    All the photos of ice are pretty, but am very sorry to hear some of you have had a time of it. Somehow the ice missed us, we had rain. I hope things warm up there soon and get back to normal. I just can't imagine waking up to a tree split in half. Last I heard hiring an arborist to remove a tree was very expensive. My sincere sympathies for any damaged gardens.

    Okay..I just refreshed and at least 5 more to have to do a Part 2. [g]

    Again, hope you all have a happy Monday! :-) pm2

  • honey_mi
    14 years ago
    last modified: 6 years ago

    Wow, wow, wow, what a great pic of our NE Idyllers, Tom & his Mom and Sue and her DBs! Sounds like a wonderful time was had by all.

    Sue, your home is stunning. Great pic to look at instead of the **S** outside my window.

    Kathy, Eden, Marian, Cindy, Cynthia and Bug, thanks for the eye-candy from you, too! I needed it it on this gray, dreary morning.

    Marian, stay safe. The photo of the bluff is beautiful but the conditions youre having are oh, so treacherous. Here's once from up here:


    Eden, heres the color scheme for the bedroom. Its reverse of the GR/DR/Hall colors. The red pillow is almost the color of my GR wall. It has more brown in it than the pic shows. The wall color shown on the test board is too blue so more paint tests are in my future.


    Heres the headboard design except I wont be scrolling the fabric.


    Ill be doing the headboard in a dk. green velour upholstery fabric I found yesterday for $6.99/yd. DH still has to buy the framing matls, but if all goes well, we should be able to make the headboard for around $50! The quote for having it made was $1,000. Even if I don't get it right and have to do it over with new fabric, that's quite a savings.

    Michelle, what a bonus that you don't need window treatments for privacy. I really like that valance and might consider that pattern for another project. Perhaps when the stores get in their spring inventory you'll find a fabric you like.

    Martie, sounds like you had a blast at Logees. And I see Eden is feeding her addiction, too.
    Ive been following the trans fat pros and cons. I did hear the other day on the radio that theyre finding a link between lowered cholesterol via statins and Parkinsons. Sheesh. Theres so much conflicting info out there. What were doing low carb diet, seems to be working for DH. He doesnt want to take meds for BP and sugar and both readings have been coming down with his weight loss. However, were both dragging our feet about getting strict w/our eating habits again. Think its the weather.

    Do you guys know about Barrys Bakery French Twists? No Trans Fat, salt, dairy, etc., etc. and only 60 calories each. Great taste when you just have to have something sweet. CVS carries them.

    What a treat to have Taryn, Babs and Cynthia posting again! Where's V and T?

    Hi to all. I have to tackle some paperwork here. Grrrr.


  • gardenbug
    14 years ago
    last modified: 6 years ago

    Still mighty cold here but at least there are moments of sun. All very gray and white, no colour at all. Boo hoo....Lots of rabbit tracks too.

    I was amazed that Tom's eyes match his mother's exactly! A strong resemblance there but I see less resemblance between Sue and her brothers. Must be those long walks she makes time for. ;-)

    Honey, I agree about your paint colour. I'm so fussy about paint being right and it is so hard to get it exact what with light conditions etc. I know it will be perfect and soothing.

    Sorry to read that PM2 feels an entire weekend of Idylls is too much for her to handle this summer. These events are so well organized and transportation and food exceptionally well planned for. On the other hand, a single day is far better than none!

    On the dgs front, there's good news. In the last two weeks there has been improvement in his hearing with a new aid which allows him to grasp the final s, l and r sounds of words. This has made a big difference in his speech. He now hears 80% in his right ear, though zero from the left. The speaker connection his teacher uses in class to help him hear has been altered as well so that he hears her more clearly. They have taken this device for his Tai Kwon Do teacher to use as well, and that seems to mean he concentrates better there as well. He also has a new blood testing device which is better than before, but he still goes crazy when needles are necessary. He admits they don't hurt, but the screaming and racing around are a disaster. DD only found out about his fears this weekend, so will be working on that. She is also working on describing his physical conditions to him since no one has ever bothered explaining things to him. Makes you wonder....To be fair, his problems were so severe that their energy was focused on other things. Now he is old enough to understand more. At age 8, patients are expected to fill out forms by themselves. No way could he do that now, but in April, he'll be 8...

    Only a short message from DH in Nashville. Perhaps he's making his debut at the Grand Ole Opry?

    Off to start a seed list.

  • Lara Noles
    Original Author
    14 years ago
    last modified: 6 years ago

    It's turned to winter here and I don't like it. I don't really mind the limited sunshine but the snow and cold I hate. Especially driving in it and we've been getting just a glaze of snow on the roads every day, just enough to make driving treacherous. More painting here today. It's coming along.

    It's been nice to see all of the pretty garden pictures. Also, what a nice picture of the three muskateers. Tom does look just like his mom and I see a lot of resemblance in Sue and the brother on the right.

    Honey, I love the colors you've chosen and can't wait to see the upholstered headboard. I especially like the tasseled pillow. I agree it's very difficult to choose just the right paint color but I know you'll find the perfect shade.

    Marie, age 8 seem young to be responsible for filling out medical forms to me. Great news that dgs is hearing more clearly. Your dd has been so good for him. You should be very proud of her! And I know you are!

    Just heard on the noon news that today's Blue Monday, supposedly the most depressing day of the year.

    My mood will improve when I get all this painting finished. It seems the whole house is in chaos and that drives me crazy!

    Back to the painting,


  • honey_mi
    14 years ago
    last modified: 6 years ago

    PM2, I didnt see your post when I posted this am! Thanks for the kind words re my family situation. Altho I didnt get nurturing parents, I was beyond fortunate to have found a wonderful DH who has filled in the gaps. Honestly, I dont think Mom hears herself. Truly, sometimes I do just wonder what it would be like or how my life might have been different, thats all.

    I hope you join us at the IU this summer. Truly, it is the BEST. That reminds me, I have to check the thread again. As for sowing seeds, I have winter sowed a couple of times, but Im just going to concentrate on indoor projects this winter.

    Marie, thats great that you and DD have taken such an interest in DGS. Im sure the extra care, perspective and attention will be invaluable to him. Thats great news about the new hearing device. What a leg up that will give him in school and socialization, too.

    Eden, thanks re the pillows. The comforter and shams are in the pasely pattern. I think I need to decide the window treatments and that will help with the paint color.

    Im with you. I hate this weather. Its depressing. Yes, it is truly Blue Monday. I did a couple loads of laundry, shoveled the driveway and walk but otherwise didnt do much of anything. Im in my sweats and slippers and didnt bother w/makeup today. Think Ill go eat a worm.

  • Jerri_OKC
    14 years ago
    last modified: 6 years ago

    Idylls, you've outdone yourselves. The photos are lovely!

    No time to read but I want to post a warning.
    New computer virus around. No, it's not a hoax.
    Be careful folks! :(

    It will show up as one of the following:

    One of the following:

    A killer at 11, he's free at 21 and kill again!
    U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice has kicked German Chancellor Angela Merkel

    British Muslims Genocide
    Naked teens attack home director.
    230 dead as storm batters Europe.
    Re: Your text

    Radical Muslim drinking enemies's blood.
    Chinese missile shot down Russian satellite
    Chinese missile shot down Russian aircraft
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    Saddam Hussein safe and sound!
    Saddam Hussein alive!
    Venezuelan leader: "Let's the War beginning".
    Fidel Castro dead.

    One of the following:

    Full Story.exe
    Read More.exe

  • dodgerdudette
    14 years ago
    last modified: 6 years ago

    How did it get to be Monday again so soon ??? 4 days till we get Sues TGIF greeting !

    The party girls (and boys) all looked very festive and color coordinated. And think how the lovely red walls enhanced the composition. The more of these red walls I see, the more I think I need one !

    And Michelle, I thought the same thing when I saw Marians violets- I was ready to jump in the car and go get some, knowing I would regret it. I still might. Nice rose pics too, love the pink rose with the lupines.

    Martie, I cant tell you how many roses Ive moved around-some of them multiple times. Ive found them to be very forgiving. In my experience most climbers take two to three years to really take off. I would remove entire canes, maybe leaving three of the newest (if they are at least pencil width) , then wrap them in burlap and duct tape (for my own personal safety) and then just dig the thing up and put it in its new hole. You are right about Golden Showers, the blooms blow really fast. Cool that you can have your Camellia outside.

    Cynthia, I have always wanted Ballerina! I just love that apple blossom look it gets when in full bloom.

    bug those pics are stunning ! You are the first person Ive known who has the Alexandra Rose. Thanks for posting these. Thats great that DGS has the improved hearing with the new true that with needles the fear is often worse than the reality. Hard to explain that to a child though !

    Cindy , is that Niobe climbing up that pink rose?

    PM, condolences on your Patriots. Hopefully your fun day at Logees numbed the pain somewhat ! Molineaux has thus far retained that nice shape. One of the reasons I planted it is because it was recommended for west coast gardens where space is an issue. The David Austins can get huge here. The other great feature of this rose is the excellent and continuous re-bloom. The purple flower below is not a campanula, it is Nierembergia "Purple Robe". It would have to be grown as an annual in your climate. My Dahlias were almost non-existent because of our wet winter last year. Thats why I had to order so many, LOL.I have zero pics ! But that will not be the case this summer.
    My top 25 was not in order of preference! That would have been too hard. So there was really no number one . If I can scare up the list Ill post it .

    Honey, love those rich colors ! That blue is similar to what I ended up with in my bedroom- I went seaside in my colors.

    Okay, here is todays rosey offering:



    Kathy in Napa

  • cynthia_gw
    14 years ago
    last modified: 6 years ago

    Long day, but just checked my personal email and found the most wonderful note from the adopters of foster Rippie. It was his one year anniversary today and they remembered and said they couldn't imagine life without him. :-) Makes me cry.

    He was a return with fear aggression for other breeds and was afraid of cats and was with me for 3 months while we worked his issues and tried to find just the right situation for him. That's Rippie on the floor and his little tiny sister on the couch :-) I love a happy ending that sticks!


  • martieinct
    14 years ago
    last modified: 6 years ago

    Good quick notes morning:

    Wasn't Rippie the one who taught Katie to "do" stairs???

    Keep those roses coming! I've been out of the rose loop for so long that I need reeducation!

    Great news about DGS, 'bug!

    Honey: Did you sneak into my house and steal my pillow? LOL Great score on the headboard fabric.

    PM2: The Camellia is opening up and I'll definitely take pics. It was So Good to meet you and Steve! Completely understand about a day trip rather than overnighter.

    Sue: If I wasn't in the house I'm in I'd want yours.

    Deanne: Any suggestions for a large-sized, camellia-type Dahlia in creamsicle or light orange color? Multicolor is fine as long as it doesn't include red.

    Eden: LOL if Bella's first entire adult sentence is "I'll take Botany for $500, Alex!"

    Can I borrow everyone's kids for a few days? Seed starting and plant placement will necessitate much hole digging. Since Rich will be building raised beds I'll need help. Neighborhood kids are interested but they don't want to "mess up" their pitching arms :-) Perhaps the offer of $$ will help? LOL

    Kathy - Thanks for the info re: moving roses. This Peace has about 6 good canes, all at least 1/2" or more, and since it is it's second year do you think I should keep them all intact for the move? Pansies are toast, BTW.

    Jerri: Thanks for the virus info. With Mozilla and Avast for virus protection I've been unbelievably safe and lucky, but one can never be too careful.

    V: Is your daughter back at school, yet? Have tickets to the opera in March for clients and thought of you ....

    This was going to be quick, NOT!! Sending good vibes to all and glad that "Blue Monday" is over and done with.


  • deanneart
    14 years ago
    last modified: 6 years ago

    Morning all,

    Martie, I'll put my thinking cap on.

    Honey, love those cushions. ~~ RE family stuff, I feel your pain. Id sure like to know what it would have been like to have nurturing parents. (let alone ones who were not kicking you when you were down) ~~ That ice looks like what we were dealing with here last week. I took hundreds of pics.

    Cynthia, love Rippies story. You are making a difference.

    Jerri thanks for the warning.

    Kathy, that is one scrumptious rose. Love it. Would it survive here?

    Eden, Hmmmm. I was pretty weepy yesterday for no reason whatever. Glad to know now that there was a reason! LOL

    PM2 Any photograph you post on the internet is basically gone anyway. Even though nobody owns the images but me (regardless of what IVillage says) there is no way to prevent rip offs if that is what people want to do. The only saving grace is that the images are so degraded from downsizing them for upload that theyd be useless for publication.

    Must run for now. Busy day ahead. Take care and have a great day everyone,

  • prairiemoon2 z6b MA
    14 years ago
    last modified: 6 years ago

    Winter 2006
    Spring 2006

    Martie...Really great to meet you and Rich too! Your husband is so proud of your gardening abilities and seems to get such pleasure with the results. :-) I really enjoyed his comments about your garden. DH also had a knowing smile on his face, when Rich and Tom were commiserating on how long it takes to drag all the containers in the house in the fall. LOL I'm sure a lot of people here can identify with that. Happy to have helped on the 'April Tryst' ..yes, waiting for a photo. :-) I think I saw something like you describe at that Old House Gardens with heirloom dahlias.

    Deanne....ouch! Sorry to hear about your knee. Will you have to have PT for it? Thanks for that info on the photo copyrights...I hope you are saving your best for publications! :-)

    Loving all the rose photos! I never tire of them.

    Gardenbug...Great news about DGS's hearing aide. What a difference that is going to make for him.

    Honey....So happy to hear about wonderful DH! Husbands are good like that. [g] It is also good for you, that you can be understanding about your Mom. I am sure she doesn't understand what she is saying or the impact it has on you. :-) Winter is a great time to take care of other things besides gardening. Very good decision. :-) I hope I can come to the IU this summer. It sounds lke a really great time and what fun to meet everyone. Keeping my fingers crossed.

    Kathy....thanks for the condolences. We had a great run and a lot of fun with the Patriots the past few years and there's always next year. [g] Can't wait to get my hands on that Molineaux and what a surprise with the Nirembergia 'Purple Robe'. I grew that in a container last year and I just saw a packet of seed for it the other day. It is very pretty underfoot that way. What a shame about your dahlias last winter and NO photos! Well, just have to change Have you ever heard of Old House Gardens? A friend of mine sent me their website and they have heirloom dahlias. I can't grow them, but I did drool over a few photos there.

    Another gorgeous Rose! Well...60 roses...enough to post one every week for a year and we can see your whole collection. :-)

    Cynthia....such happy news. Good job placing Rippie. I am sure it is so much more satisfying knowing how much help you were able to give Rippie to make that possible. Great photo! lol Love the pink monkey and is that a yellow bow around little sister's neck? Wow, your animals are so lucky. It looks like a blast at your house. :-)

    Thanks Jerri....Firefox here too. Highly recommend it!

    Ohhh, I just looked up and it's starting to snow.

  • chloehoover
    14 years ago
    last modified: 6 years ago

    Honey love that bedroom look and the coverings I LOVE green my favorite color; have it on a lot of my walls in my house (and carpet). Thats really lovely; Im impressed youre gonna tackle the upholstered headboard; Ive been looking at them myself for 2 years; but I know better than to think Id complete such a project I keep pricing the ready made ones in a neutral color. Ive had no headboard for quite a while (since I moved my antique tester bed into another room) and its very annoying! Maybe that accounts for why an lovely stuffed, soft fabric has such appeal to me now.

    Deanne hope your knee is better.

    Norma I cannot believe Wyatt is 4 I would have guessed 6! Great shots of you all. What lovely memories to have for later.

    Kathy glad to hear about moving your roses; Ive had cl. sombreuil against my house & its just been sulking; Im ready to either move or shovel prune but keep hoping it will get better. O, wow, that Prospero!! To Die For!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I need to find a great white climber to replace that Sombreuil if I move it.

    Re the photos, the first is Carefree Wonder w/ Cl. Betty Corning hanging over; the 2nd one is Therese Bugnet w/ Cl. Polish Spirit behind her, and yes, the 3rd is Cl. Niobe w/ Viking Queen (a bit past her prime in that shot) I really adore Niobe; it really puts on a terrific show early; with good repeat later.

    Well, I was daydreaming about gardens & things Ive ordered & where Im putting them so much this a.m. I ALMOST missed my metro stop! luckily I managed to refocus & see that it was time before the doors shut! That would not have started my day off well having to back track! (Ive gotten on the wrong train only once you do it 1 time and you make sure never to do it again believe me). That sure woke me up. gotta run.


  • babs_clare
    14 years ago
    last modified: 6 years ago

    Here's a sappy 'Babs the wondermom' story... Mondays are library day at school for Ryan and last Sunday I started the effort to make sure his book was in his bag for return the next day. Bummer-no book where we usually keep it at his bedside! Ok search the crannies of our house since he does like to find 'off the beaten path' areas to read his books. It's not under my bed,nor any bed, not in his closet,or ANY closet,not in the playroom. It's not on any bookshelves,....the COUCH it must be there underneath with the dust bunnies...nope. With the newspapers? uh-uh. OK so now I'm running out of places, so it's look between the cushions and mattresses time(I'm desperate by now!). Nothing,nada,zilch. Oh crud. I wrote the librarian a nice note telling her we'd find the book and return it the second we found it. A week went by. I have never lost a library book so this was devastating to me but yesterday I finally wrote the note that said it had to have gone out with the newspapers(that one moment when Chris volunteered to take them to the curb for me lol) and is lost forever(sniff)I will pay for the book(heck, I'd even donate a second book as my penance for irresponsibility; )BLUE MONDAY-you're not kidding lol. I walked up the school sidewalk, since I of course, work at the school and I see our lovely librarian(figures I'd run into her after sending such an embarrassing note-she of course was as nice as ever and forgiving). Well as the day progressed I checked my mailbox. There's a note from the librarian that says "All of Ryan's books have been returned!" Say WHAT? OK so now I am feeling like a total idiot-it's funny but freaky that I could do something so airheaded(SHHHH), but for the life of me I don't remember sending that book back! AM I LOSING MY MIND??

    Party Girls-great minds do think alike-that is so funny about your clothing color scheme! Hey it looks like Tom's mom got the memo too? lol. Sue I like your sweater. Happy bday to Tom.

    I'm simply loving the flower pics from so many. If I get time I'll try to find something to share.

    Taryn it's great to see you back here again. Hey about the controls for cholesterol, you should also remember that exercise is also an important & excellent way to lower the levels. Chris has controlled his cholesterol by modifying egg & cheese intake,increasing fruit & veggies,and taking flaxseed oil but also exercising 4-5 times a week and he doesn't have to be on meds as a result. Of course everyone is different though-still it's worth invesigating especially if the person is funny about taking supplements.

    Honey I love the pillows-and you are so crafty in regards to making the covered headboard-I can't wait to see the finished product.

    Hi Chelone how are you?

    Yikes into the shower I go!

    ~Babs the blundermom; )

  • gardenbug
    14 years ago
    last modified: 6 years ago

    Things arrive later in Canada, so it is gloomy Tuesday here. At 10AM I have not yet had breakfast or gotten the day started except for feeding the livestock.

    Yesterday, in an effort to ignore Blue Monday, I ordered seeds and Atlas gloves. That is in addition to clematis which were already ordered last week. I also ordered 3 photos to be made into puzzles for dgs. My friend Lynn returned from six weeks of travel in India, so we got a LONG phone chat in. Her daughter got engaged, so that was big excitement too. Then DD phoned and we chatted at GREAT LENGTH since her DH is away on business. It was after 12:30 before we called it quits. Anyway, morning was a slow starter for me and Charlotte, but with my DH returning late tonight, I'd best get things somewhat tidy around the homestead soon.

    Chelone, have you made any big decisions lately regarding work? Perhaps play is what you need!

    My friend in England sent me photos of roses blooming still in his backyard. UNFAIR!!!!!


  • gardenbug
    14 years ago
    last modified: 6 years ago

    I forgot to answer PM2 about the white spire flowers. They are Linaria purpurea 'Canon J. Went' and are actually a very pale pink. I believe they come in blue as well and they self seed all about which is fine with me. Easy enough to remove them if you don't want them.

    Progress on the knitting front is slow as you can see below. This has been a very interesting exercise for me, a challenge I am enjoying.



  • michelle_zone4
    14 years ago
    last modified: 6 years ago

    Last night was spent at basketball games watching Ricks grandsons.
    Martie, you cracked me up with the comment about Bella and Jeopardy! Hey, Ill send Kenzie over and you can see how much "help" she will be. LOL

    Cindy, now that I drive a divided 4 lane hiway to work, I need to focus a little more and not miss my exit. "Daydreaming about gardens & things" LOL

    The roses in my pictures are Sharifa Asma and Carefree Beauty. Sharifa is my only Austin rose.

    Ahh Cynthia, what heartwarming news. It helps you know that you are making a difference. Wonderful garden picture.

    Deanne, sorry to hear about the knee. When we were dancing at the wedding a couple of weeks ago, I wondered too if what I was doing was wise.

    Kathy, Prospero looks especially lovely cover with raindrops.

    Babs, youre more organized than you even realize ;o)

    Honey, good luck with your paint color. I know I will need it when I look for a color for the kitchen.

    Pm2, I think most of the Austin roses in the catalog are 19.95 or 21.95 or 3 for $49.95.

    bug, if I had to pick on of your roses, it would have to the The Alexandra rose. I love the multi-tones.

    With all these great rose pictures, I wonder how much rose sales will increase (remember all those lurkers)


  • honey_mi
    14 years ago
    last modified: 6 years ago

    Kathy, you NEED a red wall. I love mine. Ive been toying with perhaps changing the accent fabric on the pillows in the room as a change for summer. I also could make different slipcovers for the ottomans. Hmmm. For the bedroom, the paint on the test board is more of a seafoam green. It actually looks quite different than in the photo.

    Cynthia, congrats on Rippies 1 yr. anniversary. Hes gorgeous and how great it must feel having helped him transition to a loving home.

    Martie, you have that bedspread set? I thot it was really pretty and DH was happy it wasnt florial, lol. About the Dahlia, Im in love with "Autumn Fairy". It blooms its head off all season. Some blooms are more gold, some are like this one. All gorgeous:


    Deanne, I KNEW youd understand the family thingy. PM2, I dont waste energy on it. I did enough of that. Its like seeing a beautiful landscape and wanting to be inside it, but you never can be. Ive learned to duck at the incoming and take what comes otherwise. When I hear Chelone, Taryn, Babs and Ei talk about their Dads, I sense theres a feeling of warmth, comfort and security about their memories. Im happy for them that they had that.

    Cindy, thanks for mentioning Niobe. Ruth next door has one and I really like it. I might try to grow it on my Boxwood tree. It might get enough sun there. What a treat to see your roses. Ive been thinking about carefree wonder. Glad you didnt miss your station!

    Sue, I meant to comment on your sweater for the party. I love the bling!

    Babs, Im still noodling the headboard project. I think I should be using a dense foam for it instead of what I bot. I wont be able to start on it until DH makes the frame for me. Hopefully next weekend.

    Chelone, Bug reminded me. Any news on the job front? And I agree with her, perhaps play and rest is what youve needed to bear up under the crapola at work.

    'Bug, beautiful pattern you're knitting. Oh, and I meant to ask you. In one of your photos, there's a purple something behind a charming yellow/orange rose. What is it?

    Im off to get regular and baby food for the critter. Altho Bullet is eating his regular food (when he's in the mood), he often wants the baby food now. How do I know? Only after trial and error. While I'm out I also have to get some aquarium pellets so I can get samples for the vet to test. Oh joy. TTYL,


  • honey_mi
    14 years ago
    last modified: 6 years ago

    Martie, here's another photo of Autumn Fairy. Most blooms are more like this one:


  • gardenbug
    14 years ago
    last modified: 6 years ago

    That's Nepeta, Honey. There are many kinds. That one is probably Six Hills Giant.

  • honey_mi
    14 years ago
    last modified: 6 years ago

    Thanks, Bug. I'll have to look that one up.

    Martie, there's another Dahlia I like in this color range. It's called Art Deco:


    I've used them both with Coleus Sedona or with Coleus Stained Glassworks Copper and Coleus Curley Freckles.

    Hope this helps. Now I am going to get something done!

  • Lara Noles
    Original Author
    14 years ago
    last modified: 6 years ago

    Hey everyone, It's National Pie Day! That's better than being Blue Monday, huh? Lots of pretty pictures here to enjoy today. We're still painting and will be again tomorrow. Then we'll have a three day layoff since Bella will be here each day through Saturday. Maybe during those three days I can clean the house and water the plants. I keep telling myself it's good to be busy in January. It makes the time go faster! Have to run, the paint's drying on my brush!


  • chelone
    14 years ago
    last modified: 6 years ago

    OOOHHH... I SO behind! My quick scan was a grim reminder of how quickly the days pass, yikes!

    I'm OK, actually! I still have days when I stop short, and wonder what the hell I did, but moreoften I am OK WITH IT. I did what I said I would do and I did it for 3 1/2 yrs.; I did it thoroughly, affectionately, and WELL. I have nothing left to "prove" and just because I happen to have t--s on the front of me, doesn't mean I should be dealt the entire "caregiving" hand. Sue said it best when she sagely pointed out that she is as much my brother's mother as she is mine. That was the "dope slap" I really needed, and I thank you, Sue! (along with everyone else who was so supportive).

    I haven't read enough to reply intelligently, but want everyone to know you cross my mind many times each day, REALLY.

    I went back to work yesterday (5 1/2 hrs.) and put in 7 1/2 today. My schedule has been "abbreviated" by my boss' inability to organize the work, so I'm dealing with that, but it will level out in a month/month and a half when the business gears up for the summer season. The vibe is different, though. We haven't really had a chance to "talk", and I refuse to let it make me uncomfortable. I am competent, reliable, and I do good work. Every time I've lost my temper it's been for the same reason... DISORGANIZATION, unclear/nonexistant work orders. She mentioned today that she wasn't "sure if you'd be back" in what felt like an accusatory tone; I smiled and said, "I wasn't sure about that, either"... and that's where it ended. I know THE TALK is coming, and that's OK. It doesn't freak me out, one bit. I'm not an 11 yr. old Jr. Girl Scout going for the basic sewing badge, after all. :) We're practical, grown up women who like each other, and surely there will be more common ground and mutual benefit than adversity. After the past 3 1/2 -4 yrs. this is such petty bulls--t. It seems very strange to say that.

    I really have to do some reading!

    Later, friends.

  • gardeningmary
    14 years ago
    last modified: 6 years ago

    Hi everyone

    Great to see so many wonderful pictures and to read along. What fun to see Wyatt and Norma, the glamorous NE Idyllers, winter scenes, summer's glory, two beautiful greyhounds, GB's amazing knitting and many other treats. Where else could you find such skill and interest?

    I'm continuing my stint with DH gone and am greatly looking forward to his return at this point.

    Annie had a FABULOUS time in Quebec City, especially snow tubing, dog sled driving and a visit to a Maple Sugar Shack. It was all quite an experience.

    The weekend seemed very quiet with Annie and DH gone - especially Friday evening when David was invited to a friend's house for night-time sledding. Finding our house simply too quiet I headed to a friends for a fireside dinner and chat. I guess I'm not ready to be an empty nester!

    On Saturday I took David to our local park for his first downhill ski lesson. He took to it like a duck to water and was soon zig-zagging down the slope with great ease. My downhill days are long gone (I much prefer x-country) but it was so much fun watching David enjoy himself. Annie too loves to downhill so I think a trip to our nearby ski resort is on the books. We finally have some snow which is great for the plants plus the outdoor activities we enjoy.

    Work has become both more challenging and rewarding and requires more of my time and energy. I'm hoping with DH home next week I'll find a better balance have more Idyll time.

    Missing talking to you all


  • triple_creek
    14 years ago
    last modified: 6 years ago

    Thanks for all the kind comments on DGS. They really are pretty good boys. Someone asked what Wyatt got that he was so excited about. I don't remember what he was opening but he showed the same enthusiasmn about each present. He got mostly cars and cartoon videos, a cartridge for his leapster and such. He also got a multi pack of mac and cheese , his favaorite. LOL

    Sue I love the view of the front of your house. People are going to really enjoy your garden tour this summer. Fun pics of Toms Birthday. Thanks Deanne.

    Deanne I hope the knee keeps improving. I know you are like me and don't like to sit still.

    Loving everyones rose pictures. Cynthia is Footloose the one in front?
    Rippie does look happy in his new home. Good job.

    Cindy , I really like the Clem Roses combo by your fence. And the lillies.
    Good that you were able to get off the train in time.

    Honey The icy picture of the lake out back is really cool. Your Dalhia coleus combos sound real nice. Hope I can remember that.
    I did paperwork the last two days also. But the taxes are out of my hair for another year.:-)

    Bug, I'm happy to hear DGS is able to hear more sounds. That should help alot. How nice that you had some more puzzles made for him. I'm betting one of them has Charlotte in it.
    That is a very intricate looking pattern on the new blanket. I bet it is a challenge.

    I think I forgot to tell you gals that my grandaughter miscarried. I know she is sad but it happened so soon she barely had time to get used to the idea of being pregnant. Hopefully the next time will work out.

    Jerri, thanks for the heads up on the virus. It is beyond me why people have to be so destructive.

    Michelle, its nice that you go to the grandsons basketball games. I like to go to Jakes band concerts but it kills my back to sit on those bleachers.

    Eden I'll take National Pie day over Blue Monday anytime. I know how you feel about the chaos that a painting project creates.

    Hey Wondermom, either you are doing your job to well or you are losing it. LOL. Good to hear the book wasn't lost after all. Are you doing costumes for the plays again this year?

    Chelone, where are you? Norma

  • triple_creek
    14 years ago
    last modified: 6 years ago

    Ah, theres Chelone and Mary too. Goodnight to all.

  • dodgerdudette
    14 years ago
    last modified: 6 years ago

    Buenos Dias all,
    Its another non-rainy January day in the Napa Valley. Think we may be setting some records soon as one of the driest Januarys in many years.

    Chelone !! Glad you checked in. And glad you are getting firmly into the Ok With It camp. Good luck on the work front.

    Jeesh Cynthia, those doggies look so sweet

    Martie, If you can manage to move that rose without damage to your person and all six canes intact I say go for it ! Sorry about your pansies, mine look like h**l , but will revive in spring.

    Deanne, Prospero is a David Austin Rose, and is absolutely one of my faves. Very disease resistant and the flowers hold on the plant for an amazing length of time. It also stays a nice compact size which is an issue here with DAs. It was hard to find though- I had to drive over to Sonoma County to get one;no one had it locally and I could not find it mail order. Also, last weekend I was lurking around on some other forums and I came across a group of photos you had posted that were a progressive photo essay on your
    driveway garden. Very enjoyable ! I have no idea what forum it was on though !

    PM have not heard of Old House Gardens but will visit the website.

    Oooh Cindy, sorry to hear your Sombreuil is in a sulk. I love mine, but again its the three year rule for roses especially climbers-if it is still puny after the third year its a goner around here . If I was in need of another white climber I would get Mdme Alfred Carriere. But she is a Noisette and Im not sure about Noisettes in zone 6.

    Babs , nothing worse than being on the Wanted list at the library. However, maybe it is actually the librarian that is losing her mind !

    Bug , I have the Linaria here as well, both blue and pink. Its pretty easy to thin out the seedlings. Makes a nice filler. Love the knitting project-what will it be ?

    Honey- I bought a new kitty food this week are you ready?..White Meat Chicken Florentine in a Delicate Sauce with Garden Greens. Reading the label out loud will make you sound just like a waiter at a really good restaurant reciting the off menu specials ! Doobie was crazy for it. I gave some to my dog too, because she wouldnt eat her dinner and I cant give her an insulin injection on an empty stomach-she loved it too! Crazy.
    I am continuing to ponder the red wall.

    Norma, hugs for granddaughter.

    Okay, here is Toluse Latrec.


    Kathy in Napa

  • martieinct
    14 years ago
    last modified: 6 years ago

    Good "nature is the best art" morning. Looking out to the east and seeing about five shades of pink behind deep black leafeless trees. These views last but a moment ....

    Good to hear from everyone and to know that things are beginning to balance back. DH's returning home, good friends returning to work, kids growing and learning and being great.

    Today my brain needs to be all over the place. DB's financial Probate hearing in the morning, then run to the hospital to meet with his Social Worker and sign permission forms for Him To Go To A Mall!!!!! (Put in a few extra $$ to his account for an extra-large Latte and lunch out.) Then to work for annual performance review at noon, then two presentations to two clients that I really like. One of them said I didn't pitch him enough the first time around!! Then home to do college financial reports with the hope that we didn't make too much money.

    Chelone: Given the above, the t***s statement is right on :-) Today, though, the expectations are happy ones.

    Gardens are coming together in my mind. The 6-caner will be moved as is and any physical damage will be worth it :-) PM2's wintersowing pics have got me thinking ...

    All good thoughts to everyone!


  • babs_clare
    14 years ago
    last modified: 6 years ago

    Hmm it's interesting-the last few times I posted here I didn't have to sign in-have you guys?

    Things are pretty UP here as Chris found out yesterday that he got the assistant professor position in the nursing school!!!!! He was fairly confident since they were seeking him out-the 17 person hiring panel did scare him initially though. Yay! He starts in July-which seems SO far away.

    Kathy that rose is dewy perfection! Thanks for contientiously posting so many refreshing pics-this time of year is so tough for us snow fact we're due for heavy snow tonight....I will be wishing for a snow day off from school: )

    PM2-that is such a great idea for starting seeds using bottles-I need to try that.
    I recieved a glass cloche for xmas that I also need to think about using.

    Norma-I'm sad to hear about your GD's loss. Was this her first pregnancy? If so I do know that it's quite common for a woman to have a first miscarriage and then later successful pregnancies-almost like the body needs to get a jump start on undertaking a pregnancy. That happened to me and then I went on to have AJ and Ry. I do still wonder what if the first one made it-can't help that. Good thoughts to her.

    I won't be doing costumes this year because the wonderful couple who ran the theater productions moved out of town. No one is planning any new plays as far as I know. We do have a new general music teacher(recent college grad)who seems like she'd be good at trying something-but I think she needs to get acclimated first. Her first xmas concert involving the whole school was two hours long!!! Much too long but I think she'll figure things out.

    Chelone-does your brother say anything about possibly understanding now what you went through caring for your mom? I was wondering too if your mom has adjusted to being in new surroundings-I'm know that takes time.

    Hi Mary! I think x-country skiing would be really fun to try. I also have always wanted to go snow shoeing(I'm sure I'd be tripping all over myself).

    You guys do know that winter is half over,right? : )

    gotta go!

    p.s. Chris is quite hopeful now about a new report that states coffee can stop balding...he just needs to drink 60 cups a day to get the benefits; )

  • chloehoover
    14 years ago
    last modified: 6 years ago

    ok - this is freaky.... I happened to check my photo account for something and noticed the monthly hits (1000) (2 weeks ago it was 0)... yikes - do we have that many new lurkers out there? Ymm, maybe we could turn this into an enterprise by offering shopping hints/tips somehow....? Or do you think it was all those great dramatic photos of the Birthday Boy(s) - young and old -- and the dressed up chicks?

    Kathy -- I second the thanks for the wonderful daily Calif Dreamin photos for us cold challenged people - even in my Zone 6/7 tropics of Virginia, it's a wonderful respite! Re the roses, yep, this is the third year for Sombreuil so it may be her "make or ditch" year; Im crossing my fingers because I'd like to keep her but..... and that's nice to hear about Prospero - here in VA we have the same challenge -- the Austins are WAY bigger than their "stats" & I have to keep Heritage severely chopped back each year -- its flowers too shatter so easily & barely last w/o major petal drop a day -- but when she's blooming, she smells wonderful & I love the individual bloom. Another one I should probably move or remove, but just can't yet bear to do. [we wont talk about BS or JBs...]

    I tell ya - all these rose pics are making me want to ADD to my gardens -- I bet lurkers are panting too!!

    Gardenbug - I love, love that white knitting pattern - is it going to be a blanket or more clothing? It's beautiful - puts me in mind of old "trapunto" wedding quilts - but softer and very "tactile" -- I love it.

    well, could say lots more but gotta sneak back to work.

    (p.s. - Mary, if your Sis decides to go to IU4, I'd be happy to chauffeur her if that's a consideration; her place is probably not too far from me).


  • honey_mi
    14 years ago
    last modified: 6 years ago

    Good morning! Nothing of note going on here.

    Eden, thanks for the heads up on Natl Pie Day Not. Cant even think about all those calories now. We need to get back on the diet wagon here and only eat what were supposed to. Now if I can only do it.

    Chelone, Im sure youll work out the kinks in your work relationship w/your boss. The key was, "were grown up women who like each other". I still think your frustrations at work have more to do w/not having control over whats happening to your Mums health. Hang in there. Im so glad youre able to let DB handle the care giving duties. Its his turn at the wheel.

    All these pix have me itching to redesign whole chunks of my garden. Oh, and the catalogs are pouring in. Ive earmarked about every page in each. Now if I only can hold back until I finish at least one indoor project. Sheesh.

    Congratulations to Chris, Babs. Thats fabulous news and what you were hoping for. It sounds like youre ever so busy and involved with the kids. What a great Mom you are.

    Norma, Im so sorry to hear about your GDs miscarriage. I hope shes able to understand that it happened b/c something wasnt right. Im sure lots of love and understanding from the family will be very helpful to her.

    Mary, it sounds like you and the kids are making the most of your snowy locale and this winter weather. It has to be so hard for you both with as much as DH travels.

    Thanks Kathy for the heads up on the kitty food. Ive tried all those new, expensive ones, too. He likes some of them, but as with the cheaper cans, some days hell eat them, some days he wont. I just keep trying until he eats something. This am, he asked for more food after devouring a can of regular food. So I tried a new baby food ham in ham gravy. He ate a couple bites, but thats all. I think the baby food is jammed w/nutrients and its helping put weight back on his bones.

    Youre not only a great gardener, but a great photographer. That rose is gorgeous!

    Martie, youre sure on the go! I hope all goes smoothly at probate and DB enjoys the mall. How great you get to spend time w/clients you like who want something! Im sure youll get a great PR.

    Cindy, Im panting at the photos here, too. Im also getting tons of hits to my photo acct.

    Im off to get some different foam for my headboard project. Hi to all.


  • drema_dianne
    14 years ago
    last modified: 6 years ago

    Hi Everyone

    Thought I would drop in for a quick sec. We have beautiful puffy snowflakes slowly falling here. I love this quiet kind. Fun to walk in. ... not looking forward to driving after dark. I think I am getting a cold... haven't had one of those for a long time, and am drinking lots of tea, water, etc to try to flush it out. A couple of you have said what a nice sis I am, etc. I have to say I really don't deserve the accolades. It is no big deal for me to stop by and visit my brother on my lunch hour when he was by me etc. He was in a hospital close to my house, then one by work, but now that he is so far away, one of my sisters and I sort of divided it up. We will take turns on the weekend now that he is stable I will go one day and she goes the other. Last weekend she was in NYC with her daughter, who plans to go to school there next year, so they had to go out for some sort of audition or something. Anyway, I visited him on Sunday, but his former wife came up from Cincinnati on Sat to see him. They have always remained friends, which is nice, because she is a critcal care nurse, and a fountain of info for the rest of us... anyway, it is a group effort over here. Not just me:) Didn't want to take all the credit..

    I just had to make a quick pop in here to say Congrats to Chris!!! Good for all of you... it is so exciting when all the hard work pays off. I hope he loves his new position.

    Deanne, did I see that you said you had to pack up orders or something? Are you starting a new enterprise, or was that my speed reading?

    Sue, Deanne and Monique... nice to see your smiling faces.Lucky that you live close enough to get together. I am glad Tom's party was a success!

    Honey I meant to tell you how much your comment about the emotional warehouse meant to me.. That was good advice. I remember once I was at a seminar that said give yourself the childhood you never had. I thought that was good advice. She was saying to give yourself whatever it was you were missing as a child, whether it was emotional support, etc. These are such complex issues to deal with. Some people survive amazing things, and others are scarred. I am thinking of one particular person who had a monster for a father, but he turned out happy, with no issues at all. The only noticable thing I have ever been able to see is that he has great difficulty with discipling his children:)He can't tell them no, and thinks everything they do is wonderful..which can be a problem in itself. I think raising a family and being part of a family is an intricate challenge. I will have to see what my kids think of the way I did it:)

    Bug, I love that latest knitting project. So pretty. What is it going to be?

    Woody, great news on your MRI.. and finding someone to replace your other helper. I hope you have smooth sailing from here on out.

    Martie hope you and your brother have fun at the Mall! I took my brother mashed up chili and choclate cake Sunday because he had been craving it. He ate every bite. Then they brought his dinner, and I saw that it was all the consistency of mashed potatoes... I guess I kind of goofed, but didn't know it at the time. He was trying to eat a whole cracker by itself, but I wouldn't let him. I told him he will not choke himself to death on my watch. It is amazing how quickly he is starting to move forward, now that he has in his words.. "woken up."

    Eden.. how is the painting going?

    Norma, sorry about the miscarriage. Hope all goes well in future.

    Hi to everyone I missed...

    Well, must run.. will try to write more later...


  • Full_Bloom
    14 years ago
    last modified: 6 years ago

    Hi Idylls! I have been working on 1&1/2 weeks of laundry, taking mom to the doctors, etc. The weather was beautiful in Florida...70s and kind of temps. Took some nice pics which I will have to share another time. I really love Florida in winter. The "shock" of coming home to snow and realizing that it really *isnt* early summer here was a little hard to take though...LOL! Oh well, at least I had a nice preview. Your right Eden...its a good thing to be busy in January...does make the time go faster and February is a short month and by March we will really be getting peeks of really is just around the corner.... "Yes, Eileen, keep sending those positive thoughts to yourself"...LOL!

    Anyway, Chelone I too was a Captain Kangaroo fan and also a big fan of Garfield Goose with Frasier Thomas. Did that one play by you? I have all the songs from the Garfield Goose show stored in my memory...what would you like to hear? The Funny Company? Susie Snowflake? Hardrock, Coco & Joe? LOL! Re the Captain...I *loved* the bunny rabbit. I think I liked Mr. Bunny Rabbit so because the Captain was always so patient, tolerant and accepting of him. It was a comfort to know that even if we act badly and need to be corrected (like Mr. Bunny Rabbit) we would still be loved and appreciated. You are so right about Captain Kangaroo being the kind of show that every young child would enjoy and should have in their life. The Captain felt like a member of my family, a gentle & kind grandpa or uncle. When he looked directly into the *did* seem like he was talking just to me! Such a reassuring and calming influence. :-) Its what I always loved about Mr. Rogers too! I have a confession to make...I found Mr. Rogers so comforting and relaxing that he often played on my television long after my son stopped watching him...LOL!

    If anyone wants to travel down memory lane...I've attached a link to a sweet little web page that also plays the theme song (titled Puffin Billy) from Captain Kangaroo! :-)

    Norma...I loved all your pics. What a wonderful little family! I too enjoyed the pic of Wyatt with Grampa and all look so happy! You have a lovely smile Norma, so warm and friendly! The kind of smile that I bet just puts everyone at ease when they are around you. So sorry to hear about your GD's loss and sorry to hear about all the ice damage and the power outages! I hope things are finally settling down.

    Marian your Cyclamen is gorgeous. I've only once had a cyclamen that did well for lasted about 5 years before it up and longest flowering houseplant. I think that bromeliad is very handsome! And your African Violets are *so* pretty...what yummy colors! I lol'ed about the old foggies! :-) You are no old foggie! :-)

    Taryn loved all the beautiful pics of your new surroundings...what a lovely place! I especially *loved* the "catching the rays" picture. All your wonderful pics made me think of Three Dog Night's Song "Out in the Country". Yes, I miss talking with dad too, but you are right...we have been very blessed. How wonderful that you found the keepsake box! Yes, I miss EP too...miss her wisdom, serenity and calming influence...actually I miss everything about her. Good to hear you were so successful with moving your plants. I may be looking for some tips later. You know, I can't you have a greenhouse at your new place? I thought you did, but maybe I imagined it? I just can't imagine the Seed Sprouting Queen without a greenhouse! :-) Or, did you dismantle the one from your last house and bring it with you?

    Honey that Autumn Fairy is a love...I can see why you are enchanted! :-) You are quite the decorator too. Besides wishing I had seen all of your gardens back at IU2 (?)...I think it was 2 anyway, I would really have loved to see your home too. Did you do that drawing for your headboard and if so, how did you come up with the design? Not only do you have beautiful gardens and make beautiful container combinations, it appears you have another calling as a decorator as well. I'm so sorry about mom. It was really hard for me to hear what your mother said, I can only imagine how hard it was for you. Glad you don't buy into it and don't let it get the best of you. It breaks my heart to think about any kid being made to feel that way. I really do know how lucky I have been to have loving parents and wish it could be the same for *should* be! You and Deanne are testament to the wonder and strength of the human spirit! You both turned out to be such kind, gifted, generous souls and loving parents to your own children. You both have much to be proud of.

    Bug I've enjoyed *all* your knitting. Who can resist all those charming, tiny little baby things in such lovely colors too! :-) What a wonderful skill. I imagine it is a very relaxing thing to do...well, maybe the Entrelac (?) is not terribly relaxing...LOL! And "no", you are wrong I *do* care! :-) It's wonderful to hear such cheery things going on in your life! BTW, DD sure made a beautiful bride and you a beautiful MOTB! :-) DD's bouquet is just gorgeous! Did your friend make that for her? Sorry, I feel awful because I forgot her name...was it Laura? I feel *terrible* that I've forgotten, but I am bad with names, unfortunately.. Anyway I really enjoyed her company so much at the IU3...she's a very lovely lady! glad to hear that the MRI's seem to be stable. Your strength and proactive attitude about your health is *truly* an inspiration to me. Enjoyed reading about dog behavior. How smart of you to have the dogs walk together. Scout loves other dogs (much more than people) so that's not a problem, but is useful information to know anyway. Glad you both you and Barb had positive feelings about the new helper....that's a good sign. Cant wait to see your shed pics in spring, I imagine? You guys with all your beautiful sheds make me feel pretty badly about my sorry shed...LOL! Oh well all the inspirational pics I've seen of sheds here at the Idylls will be stored in my memory for future shed projects of my own.

    I still remember Michelle's pretty shed transformation....which reminds me, Michelle please don't forget to post pics of the progress in McKenzie's new garden....oh, I can't wait for spring! BTW, who are the roses you posted? I don't think you said. I love them both. The combination of the lupines with the roses just sings! I think I may have lost all my lupines to last summer's drought! :-( But I will be watching this spring to see if any seedling show up.

    Deanne....23 pictures and counting! :-) I really am serious about you exhibiting your photography. Have you thought about approaching some art shops? Do you have an Art League in your area? Does your area have art shows in the summer? We have a few really nice art shows here every year and I think your photographs are as nice as any I've seen. I know you have many interests and talents that take up your time and you can't do it all...but I really hope you consider sharing your photographic talents as well! BTW, thank you for the robin...he's such a cutey. :-) You are right, it is a surprise to see Robins in January. Robins are another reason I always look forward to spring! :-) That Tree Sparrow is a very handsome little fellow too. I didn't realize sparrows could have such interesting colors and patterns. I too love your Junco on the Cimicifuga. How cool is that?...the way the ice encapsulated each of the seed heads...what an eye! So when will you get Doug to take a picture of you in your blind? I really would love to see that...what fun! Every time I see an interesting bird here I always think of you. I don't even try to take pics most of the time...I'm just not very good at it and if it's a moving object...forget about it! BTW, I saw an interesting bird here the other day that I assume was some sort of woodpecker. Not the really big one, I don't think. But he was much bigger than the little downy woodpeckers we have here...about the size of a morning dove (maybe a little bigger and definitely more robust). His whole head was red and he had black and white speckled feathers. Any ideas? I have never seen him here before, but he sure was striking and was enjoying himself at the suet feeder.

    What a lovely picture of Deanne, Sue & Monique. Not only do you guys do a great job of co-ordinating...I love your smiling faces and can tell you've really developed a special friendship...You three look like you've been friends *forever*! :-)

    Mary...I bet you will be glad to have DH home next week. I imagine it *was* a bit too quite this past weekend? Hugs to you! Dont have quite a while to go before you'll be an empty nester! :-) Fun to hear about David's skiing lessons. Are you a big skier? That's something I always intended to learn, but never did. Now I'm a little afraid to...the bones break a lot easier when you get to be my age. :-)

    Sue! How can you say your dogs are not photogenic? I bet Chloe had a serious case of the vapors when she saw Nick's close up...LOL...there is no way she could resist! :-) And oh that house....I always enjoy seeing pictures of your gardens *and* your home...they are always "picture perfect!"

    Bab's I thought you were a natural redhead!!! Well, you sure *looked* natural. That's funny, one of the garden gals from the younger group has been a blonde as long as I have known her and I would have sworn that it was her natural color. When she told me she was dying her hair brown I said..."Why would you do that?" "I would love to be a blonde or a redhead...anything but this dull brown." Then she told me her natural color *is* brown! :-O How lucky for you two brunettes to have that nice skin coloring that looks pretty and natural no matter what color you hair. With my coloring I would just look fake, as anything but the brunette that I am. Don't even go there with the gray hair's a touchy subject with me...LOL! Mine are coming in fast and furious now and unfortunately, not that pretty shade like Bug's, but a coppery dirty gray color...yuck! I *have* started coloring my hair back to the color I had as a child (a somewhat warmer brown than when you were all here at IU3) and also added a few red and gold highlights to it. I like it. Now if I could only do *something* with all these da**#d crazy curls! I would really like to look nice just *once* in a picture especially for the DS's wedding. I would love to have a pic of all of us at the that I wouldn't be embarrassed to put up on the "family wall" upstairs. I always feel like I ruin the family pictures...LOL! Sorry, I know that's silly and vain, but I truly do hate myself in pictures. I am totally *un-photogenic*!

    Me again Babs! Just read your latest post about Chris! Congratulations to Chris....that is fantastic news! How neat that you got the cloche for Christmas...I love the way they look in the garden!

    Gorgeous roses everyone....what a treat! They are all so beautiful; each and everyone.

    I really loved seeing your Ballerina, Cynthia. That is a rose I have always wanted to get...but I think is just under being hardy by me? Of course (sadly) with the way our zones are changing I may have luck now. Your Brugmansia is gorgeous too...I love the little vignette of pots and the black wicker chair. Do you mind telling me which grass you have in the one pot all by itself? I'm thinking this year I want to try grasses at the feet of my rose standards and I wanted something smaller, that was upright and stayed neat. Your grass has just the effect I was looking for. I enjoyed reading the adventures into the purchase of your new dehydrator. I have a very similar story. I tried dehydrating sweet potatoes (for Scout) in the oven at a very low took *all* day. Then when I got impatient, I decided to try to broil them just for a few seconds, thinking to speed up the process a little bit. Well, I turned my back and ended up with all char broiled sweet potatoes. All that time, energy and electricity for nothing! Decided that a dehydrator would be money well spent (those Sam's Yams are pretty pricey here). Last week I made my first batch of sweet potatoes with the dehydrator. They came out nicer than I expected and a beautiful bright orange color too! I think I made them a little too thin though and next time I will try thicker slices. I was debating getting the Excalibur dehydrator, but couldn't bring myself to spend the money. I ended up with the Nesco American Harvest Food Dehydrator and Jerky Maker from Target for $40.00 and I'm actually pretty happy with my purchase. How nice that Rippie's parents remembered! :-)

    Kathy your roses are *amazing*! I can't help but think of Jain every time I see your posts though.... I think California must be *the place* to grow roses, since both you and Jain have such beautiful, large and healthy specimens.

    Cindy...thanks for helping me dream too; and what lovely dreams they are! :-) I love your Carefree wonder with the Betty Corning Clematis....great combo! Your Niobe is beautiful too...I'm going to have to try that one. I love all those jewel toned colors.

    Beautiful plantings Eden! Who is that lovely colored soft yellow rose? Is that Graham Thomas? What a pretty picture! I love the way that clematis is climbing into your tree in your 2nd pic too. And the vareigated plant (is that Alexander Lysmachia?) really sets off the pretty pink roses in your first pic!

    Bug love all your roses have such unusual ones (at least not ones I have seen). I'm in love with that Felicia and the color of that Morden Sunrise is swoonable! :-)

    Well, here is my contribution to the Roses of June....

    PM2....I think it was you who asked what roses I grow? I love roses, but only grow 2 hybrid teas (Dainty Bess & Angle Face). Most of the roses I grow are the disease resistant winter hardy types. Here are a few of my faves:

    William Baffin


    Carefree Delight with William Baffin on the arbor and Knockout in the distance:


    New Dawn

    And a close up of New Dawn's flowers:

    I do have a weak spot for David Austin's too and grow a few varieties. I have been pleasantly surprised at the winter hardiness of my DA's. The first few years I would cover them, but now I don't cover any of my DA's. The Prince is my sentimental favorite. But I also have and love Sweet Juliet, Graham Thomas, Heritage, William Shakespere 2000, Pat Austin, Golden Celebration and now I think I'm going to have to add Kathy's Propero to the list...WOW what a beauty Kathy!

    Anyway, here's a pic of my Molineux from last year. Not any way near as spectacular as Kathys (mine's only a year old) but after seeing Kathy's pics I'll be expecting great things from mine in the future...

    You can't see it so much in this picture, but Molineux (at least mine anyway) takes on these subtle but striking little red/orange hints (especially around the petal edges and in cooler weather) and makes a nice contrast with the color of my Achillea and lily. I can't take all the credit, as it was happenstance that I planted the lily next to Molineux. But once I saw how they looked together, I did add the Achillea to the combo and it has turned out to be one of my favorite combinations.

    Well, this is a long one...what a surprise! Thanks Taryn for making me feel less guilty about my rambling ways! :-)

    Thinking of T...

    Need to get ready to take mom for a follow up doctor's visit, so I must be going. TTYAL! Ei

    Life is like a rose...More exquisite and precious,when shared with others. - Jane Oechsle Lauer-

    God gave us our memories so that we might have roses in December. - James Matthew Barrie -

    P.S. Here's a poem I thought was very appropriate for the Idylls! :-)

    Garden Meditation by Rev. Max Coots

    Let us give thanks for a bounty of people.

    For children who are our second planting, and though they
    grow like weeds and the wind too soon blows them away, may
    they forgive us our cultivation and fondly remember where
    their roots are.

    Let us give thanks;

    For generous friends with hearts and smiles as bright
    as their blossoms;

    For feisty friends, as tart as apples;

    For continuous friends, who, like scallions and cucumbers,
    keep reminding us that we've had them;

    For crotchety friends, sour as rhubarb and as indestructible;

    For handsome friends, who are as gorgeous as eggplants and
    as elegant as a row of corn, and the others, as plain as
    potatoes and so good for you;

    For funny friends, who are as silly as Brussels sprouts and as amusing as Jerusalem artichokes;

    And serious friends as unpretentious as cabbages,
    as subtle as summer squash, as persistent as parsley, as delightful as dill, as endless as zucchini
    and who, like parsnips, can be
    counted on to see you through the winter;

    For old friends, nodding like sunflowers in the evening-time,
    and young friends coming on as fast as radishes;

    For loving friends, who wind around us like tendrils and hold us, despite our blights, wilts and witherings;

    And finally, for those friends now gone, like gardens past
    that have been harvested, but who fed us in their times that we might have life thereafter.

    For all these we give thanks!

  • Lara Noles
    Original Author
    14 years ago
    last modified: 6 years ago

    The painting's coming along. One more day and it should be done. That probably won't happen until Sunday though. Other events of the day...I baked brownies and ordered tickets to Sesame Street Live for Brad, Bella and I for Feb 25, the day before her birthday. We'll be seeing Super Grover! I think she'll love it!

    Babs, big congratulations to Chris on the new job! Oh, and maybe it's the librarian that's confused and not you. Could she be mistaken that the book's been returned? Or maybe Ryan took it upon himself to return it early?

    More pretty rose pictures today here on the Idylls! Here's one of my favorites, The McCartney Rose, very fragrant, no blackspot and it blooms well into November here in MI.



  • dodgerdudette
    14 years ago
    last modified: 6 years ago

    Middle O the week greetings

    Pitchers and catchers report to spring training in approximately 20 days. First day of spring, 54 days. Friday, 2 days ! Must keep the glass half-full

    Martie, hope all went well on your busy day- esp DBs mall visit.

    Babs , lol 60 cups a day to stop balding ! If I drank 60 cups of coffee Id be visiting to loo about every 5 minutes !

    Cindy, I had Heritage but SPd a few years back. I too loved the bloom and hated the shatter. The reason I sent her off to the landfill was lack of vigor and a poor location that was not possible to change at that point. I used to have mucho shade in my backyard due to the neighbors large trees, which have since been cut down.My garden gets much better sun exposure now. I have Golden Celebration in the spot where Heritage used to be.

    Honey, I hear you with the finicky kitty issues. I have one cat who wont eat any canned food at all, including "human" canned tuna , but he loves black beans. Go figure.

    D. nice observation on the "intricate challenge" of family life. Even more challenging with families that have to disband and then reassemble in another configuration.

    Ei, thanks thanks thanks for posting that Captain Kangaroo thing ! I loved hearing that theme song again ! And looking at the pics. William Baffin on the arbor is beautiful! I hope my La France on my arbor turns out half that nice. New Dawn has been on my short list for years, but I just have no spot for it right now. And Molineaux here changes during the season too. I love those yellow-red combos. I have an area in my garden where I am planting mostly this scheme.
    Love the poem !

    Eden, I have pondered the McCartney rose more than once. Ive heard very good reports about it.

    OK, Im going to run out of rose pics pretty soon, but here is one of my absolute faves, and I wish I could share the fragrance because this one is quite intense.

    Frederic Mistral


    Kathy in Napa

  • gardeningmary
    14 years ago
    last modified: 6 years ago

    Good morning

    Congratulations to Chris!! That is wonderful news. Lovely to hear from everyone including Ei's long post which is always a treat.

    My school library story is far less uplifting. David lost one of his books earlier in the year. He's an avid reader and has been right throught the Harry Potter series, but the book he lost was about another of his passions - Roller Coasters. The title of the book was "I screamed so much I puked" (delightful yes?). It's unfortunate the library should own a copy, worse it was the one book David lost and most humiliating of all, that I had to write a check for it. As I was sure would happen, the offending item showned up a few weeks later - on David's book shelf in fact, which I guess we overlooked in our search. We had the choice of keeping it for good or returning it and getting a refund. A hard choice LOL!

    The roses are gorgeous everyone and a wonderful reminder of joys to come. I've been missing my garden a lot the last few days. Like Cynthia, my seed starting this year will be greatly reduced due to less time and space in the garden. However, I'm still enormously looking forward to germinating those that have made it onto my short list.

    Here is one of my favorite roses - Hansa. I have it at the end of our split rail fence where it can get huge - the deer never touch it, leaves remain spot free and the frangrance is gorgeous. I also happen to love magenta - does that make me fashionable or not these days LOL!


    Work calls but tomorrow I'm off so you'll see me then.

    have a great day everyone


  • chloehoover
    14 years ago
    last modified: 6 years ago

    Mary - count me in on liking magenta - I even love lychnis coronaria in that color thruout! I've had Hansa on my list for several years now (I think maybe Michelle you have? -- and the rugosas seem so great if you've got a deer problem.

    Well, here was Heritage at end of last year.... not too shabby....


    Hope everyone has a great day -- Im encouraged -- last nite when I left the office it was still light outside & when I left for work it was light -- it does wonders for one's attitude. I am simply NOT a night dweller.


  • Full_Bloom
    14 years ago
    last modified: 6 years ago

    Eden your McCartney is beautiful...I love the color and the perfectly formed buds. Is it a hybrid tea? Do you have to cover it in winter? Ei

  • michelle_zone4
    14 years ago
    last modified: 6 years ago

    Cindy, you are good! Yes I do have Hansa. I added Carefree Wonder as well last summer.

    Mary, Annies trip sound like lots of fun. I was intrigued by the dog sled driving.

    Eden, I did make 3 pie crusts last night (I guess a day late) I had offered to bring the to the schools annual soup and pie supper. I will bake them tonight pecan. Im sure Bella will love Sesame St Live, shes at the age where those things captivate them.

    Martie, I hope your DB enjoyed his shopping trip.

    Babs, what great news for Chris. Tell him congratulations.

    Ei, the roses are Sharifa Asma and Carefree Beauty. I hope my New Dawns will look like yours someday. I think this will be their 3rd year. Ive had William Baffin on my list for quite some time it is gorgeous in your picture especially with the Carefree Delight and Knockout.

    I must go, my Webinar starts in a few minutes. Todays only 1 hour, yesterdays was 4 hours.


  • prairiemoon2 z6b MA
    14 years ago
    last modified: 6 years ago

    Lovely, lovely rose pics from everyone. Thanks Ei for showing me yours that I asked about. The William Baffin and the New Dawn have been on my list for awhile...both look great and lovingly cared for. Do you have the WB climbing up both sides of that arbor?

    The Frederic Mistral almost looks like the interior of the rose is heart shaped, how cute. [g]

    Hansa has been on my list too. Nicest Hansa bloom I have seen.

    The Heritage, looks so heavy from so many Very nice.

    Is the McCartney Rose named after the Beatle?

    No time for more...

    Have a nice day...sunny here today, but below zero reported to be coming our way.


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