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Birds-crummy picture

rob333 (zone 7a)
14 years ago

Man. Ok, so I saw the topic and thought, I can do that! Our house is surrounded by trees and I am visited daily by the robins following me around as I water and weed the garden. I watered and none showed up. I gave up and went inside. On my way to work on Monday, I was feeling sad and blue, when I looked over and what did I see? the most beautiful bird, I love to see! a bright yellow finch sitting on a bright pink zinnia. Whoa. I was blown over and it cheered me all day. Tuesday, I looked at the same spot (I always do, I love the plants) and there it was again! So I thought, shoot, I don't have a camera. No, wait, I have my phone. It turned out crummy. I got to the parking garage and what did I see? a purple finch. I never see a purple finch. No camera, and why take a crummy picture again? Today, I took the camera, drove to my spot, no finches. So I figure if I post my crummy picture showing them I give up, I can surprise attack, and then take a good picture tomorrow. Hopefully? It's the small yellow blurred dot in the upper right hand corner. On top of the blurred pink stuff. What can I say? I tried!


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