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Suggestions for large speciman apple tree

13 years ago

I want to replace an old dead oak on a knoll with an apple tree. I want a vigorous large tree with nice form.

I searched and found large or large and vigorous trees spreading or upright. I don't have a feel for the difference of spreading and upright.

The following trees were identified as large or vigorous.

Northern Spy

Red Gravenstein

Rhode Island Greening

Bramleys Seedling

White Permain


Arkansas Black


The quality of the apple is secondary as I have a lot of apple trees in my hedge and the orchard.

I have a Northern Spy and it is my biggest tree so far. It may be the best choice. Apples in So Cal aren't the best which may be its only draw back.

Red Gravenstein is the only one I have identified as upright. I have one which is still small. It hasn't been doing very well. Perhaps it is the M111 rootstock.

Any thoughts on the biggest and best looking apple tree? Fuji and Granny Smith yield good apples in my climate but I don't know about how big the trees get.


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