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Lawn in poor condition, need advice

9 years ago

Hello all. My first time on GW and first posting. Just some basic information about my situation.

I am not a lawn expert but I'm taking care of lawn for an older person who cannot do yard work or water the lawn. This person has several bad areas in the lawn, basically nothing more than areas of compacted dirt and weeds. The bad areas vary in size, anywhere from about 2 to 8 square feet. The lawn faces south with no shade and gets direct hot sun for many hours each day.

Last spring I tried to fix these areas but had little success. After removing dead grass and roughing up the existing compacted soil I mixed grass seed (Scotts), top soil, sand, and starter fertilizer in a wheelbarrow, then placed it in the bad areas. I watered often as possible, however I am not at this house each day so the grass was not watered daily. The grass DID germinate nicely and began to fill in the bare areas. As the season went on the grass began to slowly thin out and by this spring nearly all the grass I had planted was gone, replaced by bare soil and then filled with weeds during the summer.

It is now late August and from what I have read fall is generally the best time to reseed.

So before I buy all kinds of soil amendments and labor over this, I'm looking for advice that will help guarantee success!


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