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In search of my first mower!

15 years ago

Well I have been lurking here for a but hoping to find an answer to my question, but have not really had much luck.

My wife and I just moved in to our first home and consequently, I need a mower. The lawn is fairly small, probably 4000-5000 sq ft of actual grass, probably less. The back yard, when it is put in, will be almost dead flat, and the front has a bit of an uphill grade. I am working on a shoestring budget, so I probably cannot afford to purchase the kind of mower I would like. I don't really have many requirements. The only real need is that it must be CARB compliant (gotta love California!) and have bagging. It will be used likely every week since we don't really have winter here and grass grows fast, so I would like it to be as reliable as possible. Other than that, there are no other features that are necessary. As I said, though, shoestring budget.

Thanks for any help!

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