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One or two wire grape trellis

11 years ago

Is single wire better than Geneva double curtain?

Time to trellis 5 new grape vines planted this year. I have 9 gauge wire and three 8 foot posts. Any suggestions how many wires to use? There are 2 Reliance, 2 Canadice, and a Jupiter in a single 40 foot row, so there is space for a Geneva double curtain about 3.5 feet apart.

I planned on a single wire at about 6 foot, but maybe I should have a 4-arm Kniffen at 3 and 6 foot or a 2-wire Geneva double curtain at 6 foot? Simple care is better, and I am concerned the double curtain would tangle together. I have seen spur pruning advised for these varieties. Any advice?

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