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Bamboo Grass (Microstegium vimineum) HELP!!!!

14 years ago

Hi there - first post to this board - great resource!

I live in the Piedmont area of North Carolina. We have 3/4 acre and about two years ago the back third started to show minor signs of invasion by Bamboo Grass (Microstegium vimineum). In year one it stayed in a limited area, but last year it made its move, and now it not only blankets the wooded areas (pine and oak), it is completely taking over the grassy areas of the yard. Granted, the lawn was originally pretty weak and in need of aeration and liming and overseeding and topsoil, but before I could even get to that stuff the Bamboo Grass had taken over. We seem to be the only house on the block with the same level of infestation, so I think it has something to do with the state of our lawn and grounds before this started.

I'm an amateur at this, but I thought that if I tried to create an environment that a lawn would like I might be able to beat out the Bamboo Grass. I am thinking that in the fall I'd cut down and thatch out the Bamboo Grass, rake in some additional topsoil (it also needs to be leveled), overseed with Fescue and pamper the hell out of that, hoping that the Fescue would have a fighting chance and crowd out the Bamboo Grass as the latter starts to die off in the fall. Our front yard is typical hardpack Piedmont clay and needs a different kind of attention, but much of the back is pretty good topsoil, and the Bamboo Grass LOVES IT. I thought that if I could get some grass seed in there a good hardy Fescue might love it even more. It seems to me that if the Fescue starts to grow as the Bamboo Grass is starting to hide for the fall and winter, the lawn might have a little window of opportunity. What do you think?

Other options presented to me have been, of course, Roundup, but it would take a frakkin' tanker truck of chemicals to kill this stuff.

Any recommendations welcome!!!! Thanks!

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