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Lawn aeration, please help!

16 years ago

I bought my house a year ago and it used to be a rental. So you can only imagine what condition the grass was in.

Anyhow, since I bought the house I spend hundreds os hrs a year outside trying to revive the nice green colors a lwan has to offer. Anywhere to watering 1" a week, to knifing out danylions and grubs to overseeding.

In regards to aeration. I'm having someone come in Sept. to aerate the lawn. I've seen it done but I'm lost as to what do I have to do, quations:

1-I have lots of clay in my soil, should I pick up and remove the plugs once the landscaper aerates?

2- Lawn fertilizing; should I do this before or after the areation and how long after should I apply this?

3-Finally, overseeding. When should this be done, before or after aeration (can I overseed and fertilize at the same time)?

Please help a wannabe gardener!

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