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Strawberry Raised Bed

15 years ago

I had two raised beds with everbearing strawberries but the insects are too much of a problem with Japanese beetles, hoppers and who knows what else.

So, I am going to convert these to june bearing. I currently have one 3' wide bed with june bearing plants put out this year.

Here is how I am going to maintain my strawberry beds based upon a website I ran across. Immediately after the fruit is picked I will remove two strips of plants 9" wide and add lots of compost. This will leave two strips which are 9" wide. These remaining plants will populate the 'clean' area with runners. The following year I will remove the 9" strip which has the old plants. In this way the plants will be no older than two years. Does this sound ok?

I did not mulch the berries or mow them last year, is this really a necessity?

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