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Need help finding source of oil leak on B&S 20hp (pics inside)

17 years ago

Hi all, I'm new here and was hoping to get some help determining where this oil leak is coming from.

It's a 8 or 9 year old Yard Machine (20hp B&S / 50" Deck) mower that I just bought from a guy that still swears that he never new anything about an oil leak until I contacting him after finding oil in the bed of the truck I hauled it home in.

Here's a pic of where the oil is leaking from...

...if you look closely you can see the oil glistening on the side of the engine. It's leaking from somewhere above this part of the engine - in between the engine block and whatever part this is with the fins.

I've noticed that this part gets really hot - really fast! It looks like it connects to the exhaust? I'd also like to know what the name of this part is if possible.

Oh yeah, I have actually wiped this spot of a few times and depending on whether the mower has been running determines how fast the oil reappears - the hotter the engine the faster it comes back.

Thanks in advance and ANY help I can get will be greatly appreciated.


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