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Trading a Fig Tree in San Diego?

9 years ago

Greetings members,

I'm new here. I found this forum when I was looking up information on red wax jambu for my mom. What an awesome site this is. So much information and things to learn from fellow experts...

I got a small potted purple/black fig tree that I'd like to trade for another fruit tree. I'm planting fruit trees for my two little daughters to teach them a little and get them interested in gardening. So far I planted grapes, jujube, pomegranate, loquat, and passion fruit trees. Thus, I'm looking for anything else that can grow easily and that is none of the above, maybe lemon, kumquat, mulberry, etc. I can post a picture of the fig tree later if anyone wants to see it. The tree did bear at least two figs last season despite being quite small.

If any generous members would like to give us any fruit trees for free then that would be greatly appreciated...

San Diego

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