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Help! All my bermuda Sod and Fescue grass died

8 years ago

I would be so grateful if someone could tell me why they think all my bermuda sod I laid and Tall Fescue Grass (which I seeded) died. As you see in the picture, It did fine for the first 3 weeks or so, then I lost it all. It looks like I'm only allowed to post 1 picture or I post a pic of it currently (which is the sod is completed yellow and the fescue grass has disintegrated. Why would this happen? Did I lose everything due to the temps or is it do to the soil? Shoudl the soil been tested prior to planting? What steps should I take before reseeding? Will the bermuda grass ever come back? When laying it down I did not use fertilizer. I just racked underneath to stir up the dirt before laying the sod down and the seeds. Please someone help as I have 2 more bags of fescue seed I want to replant in that area and don't want to make the same mistake again. The area is now all dirt, with the except of the matted sod that is yellow. I can send pics of what it currently looks like if needed. Thanks!

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