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16 years ago

I tore down my previous home and built a new home on the same lot, we sodded the front and seeded the back. But unfortunately the landscaper did not do a good job of replacing the compacted clay with good quality top soil. In the front where the sod was planted two spots around trees have turned completely brown, and when I water the water completely runs off into the street. I believe there is virtually no good soil under these areas..i believe this because I cant even stick a sprinkler spike into the ground 1 inch without hitting rock and compacted clay. I think I will need to replace the sod in these areas and prepare the soil properly. My fear is that the rest of the front yard, which is currently doing fine, will eventually suffer from the same problem and need to be replaced. In a separate issue, the back yard which was seeded also is suffering in areas due to the poor top soil. Rather than attempting to start from scratch, what do you think about core arreation in the fall, with a a good mix of top soil and mushroom compost mixed in as a top dressing. Then beginning an organic fertilizer program to help create better soil..what do you guys think?

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