Vent about Lawn Care Services (Sorry)

9 years ago

We are TRYING to find a lawn (fertilizing/weed care) service that will do what they promise. It seems that about this time of year we find out that we have wasted another year of $$$$.

We are willing to pay for this service to have a nice, green, weed free lawn

We have a sprinkler system

DH mows the lawn regularly (on a zero turn mower if that makes a difference)


9 years ago front yard was sod. For about 5-6 years we tried to do the upkeep ourselve but decided we really couldn't get it as nice as we wanted. [This was before inground irrigation system] So in comes

TRU-GREEN. For 2-3 years, but we didn't see any real improvement. It got a bit better, but not where we could see that all of the money were spending was worth it.

Then we hired LOCAL COMPANY #1. Fully explaining what we want. - to look like "those" houses in the deveopments. (We are somewhat rural). After 1 1/2 years of real BS, and more weeds and $$$ we really fired them. During their time we had the irrigation system installed so there was no excuse on the watering part. But we couldn't get rid of the grubs or moles either.

SO LOCAL COMPANY #2 comes in and says - THEY WILL DO IT!!! DH tells them to spot weed every time they come to fertilize, seed if they see a bare spot - WE WANT IT LUSH LIKE A GOLF COURSE!!!!! Today - it looks like S----. Worse than it has ever looked. BTW - back yard was fully stripped 1-1/2 years ago, new topsoil and new grass power seeded - looked great at first, it's the same.

It's like the guy gets off the truck and robot walks his spreader around with his little bit of granuals and that's it. (Just last week DH was walking around "discussing" with owner how bad everything was - pointing out weeds, brown spots, nutsedge, mole tunnels etc. during the treatment. It all looks worse now. Duh? That's not supposed to happen.)

HELP!!!!! We are so frustrated we don't know where to turn. We don't have a big lawn - whole property to manage is 100x200.




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