New Bermuda Sod HELP !!!!!!!

7 years ago

Two weeks ago my entire yard was re-landscaped. Included in this was a new underground irrigation system and bermuda sod.

The landscaper did everything including programming the irrigation timers.

When installed it looked great !! The backyard and side still look amazing. The front yard is a different story. 4 days later I noticed a brown patch in the upper corner of the yard. Looks like the irrigation wasn't reaching there. I contacted the landscaper. I was told to hand water that spot until he could come out.

A week later the entire front yard is brown. Over the weekend was in my local home improvement store for something else. I asked about this and showed pics.

He immediatley said

1) You are under watering. I told him the landscaper set up watering twice a day (6am and 2pm) both for 5 mins a piece. He said you need to increase the am time. He didn't agree with the 2pm time - suggesting more like 7-8pm.
2) he said the brown patch was likely fungus

I am waiting for the landscaper to come out and investigate this. Meantime I have changed the 5am time to be 15 mins and the 2pm to 10. This weekend our city got 2.5" of rain (I have a rain gague at my house so I know that is accurate).

Is my lawn salvagable??? If so what do I need to do? Or does the sod need to be replaced? While the yard was dug up for landscaping, I don't think it was ever tilled nor the soil tested or fertilized.

Attached Pic was taken yesterday Aug 10th

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