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Commonly used abbreviations on lawn forum

16 years ago

Someone asked on another post what TTTF stood for and it gave me the idea to post a list of abbreviations used on this forum. I know it took me a while to figure out what everyone was talking about when I first joined. Here are some commonly used abbreviations for people new to the forum:

SBM- Soybean meal---- organic fertilizer, 7-2-1

CGM- Corn gluten meal- organic fertilizer, pre-emergent, 9-0-0

CM- corn meal- fights disease(fungus)in the soil, mild fertilizer

TTTF- Turf Type Tall Fescue

FF- Fine fescue

KBG- Kentucky blue grass

PR- Perennial Rye

RU- Roundup

That's all I can think of. Add more if you think of any. I'm sure someone has done this in the past but I couldn't find any other abbreviation list. Maybe I'll bump it up every once and a while for people just joining the forum.

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