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SNAPPER Mulcher or Hi-Vac

17 years ago

I live in South Florida and need a really reliable 21-inch self propelled mower. I've had a snapper for almost 30 years, and it is great. I'm thinking of getting a new one with a Kawasaki engine, but don't know if I'd be better with a hi-vac or a mulcher. Florida's St Augustine grows thick and wet. I always mulch so I thought the mulcher was the way to go. Then I saw the hi-vac which is supposed to create more suction making bagging easier. Does it make sense to go with the hi-vac in mulching mode since the machine should produce more suction making the grass stand up better to be mulched by the Ninja blades?? Anybody have a hi-vac that they mulch with? Which way should I go....mulcher or hi-vac?? Any general thoughts on the new snappers with the Kawasaki engine?

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