Dallisgrass! Overseed or start over? What grass type?

8 years ago

Hi, I bought a home 2 years ago. Front and back lawns were in pretty awful shape.

In the front lawn I haven't done too much. Watering, fertilizing mowing and weeding have made it green, but it is not at all quality grass. It is very inconsistent in its look.
Pics of front lawn.

There is also quite a bit of dallisgrass. Most weeds I try to hand pull, but dallisgrass loves the heat and getting out to pull weeds is... challenging. So it gets bigger.
This fall I was thinking of overseeding to try to get some quality grass in there, to crowd out the weeds but after reading several posts I am thinking it may be a better idea to roundup and start all new in fall. Should I try to salvage what is there or start over?

I also am wondering what type of grass i should use. Bermudagrass has been suggested (bermudagrass weeds love it here, Plumas Lake CA 95961) but I don't really like the look of the super-short grass, plus there is no separation between mt lawn and my neighbors so I don't want something that spreads a lot. Tall Fescue is very popular here I but it does get quite hot in the summer. I planted Jonathan Green's black beauty in the back lawn last fall and it is doing o.k. but i am wondering if i should have looked harder for a higher quality mix. Any suggestions as to type and variety is should use?

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