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Mower decision

9 years ago

Well, I'm in the market for my first ZTM and I'm on the fence so thought I would throw this out to people with more knowledge than myself.

My yard is a little over an acre, mostly flat (two steeper sections but they're short), with several garden beds, trees, etc.

My riding mower is getting old and I've decided to get a ZTM to try it out.

I've got about $1700 cash to work with or can finance something around $2500 if I go that route. I'm currently looking at the following:

$2299 finance through Lowes - Troy Built Mustang 22hp 42" deck, new with warranty - new, but the reviews say they're not built very heavy duty

$1500 OBO - 1995 Encore Proline Commercial, 20hp, 60" deck, 1374 hours - super heavy duty, but lots of hours

$1500 OBO - 2007 Cub Cadet 17hp, 42" deck, 255 hours

Anyway, I'm going to look at the two used ones on Sunday, so, if there are any key things to look for, questions to ask, I'd love any input.

I'm able to do basic maintenance and repairs but I'm no mechanic so I'm a bit nervous about the Encore only since it's old and has so many hours, but it's the most solid one of the three and has good reviews out there.

Open to any advice, suggestions, etc.


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