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Cannot Find Piston/Rings for Toro Trimmer

8 years ago

I picked up a Toro Grass Trimmer for nothing since it would not start and it seemed almost brand new and never used. After going thru everything like cleaning the carb and checking compression (like 85), I took the head/cylinder off to see that the piston was scored. It seems like the a small piece of one of the two rings must have broke off and caused the scoring.

The cylinder seems to not really be scored that much, so I just thought I would get a new piston and ring set and see if it works since some small engine pistons are really cheap (under $10). But after looking up many part sites, it looks like you cannot purchase the piston/rings separately or find out the part numbers. They are not shown on the exploded parts diagrams. I even contacted Toro but they said to just contact a dealer.

Does anyone know where I can find the exact piston/rings to get for this trimmer engine? Or the equivalent? The trimmer info is below right from the label.

Model 51955
S/N 311020102
Mfg Date 12-14-11
Engine/Evap. Family BHCPS.0254TA

Thanks for any help.

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