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cicada killer wasps ruining lawn!

10 years ago

Last year I noticed a few cicada killer wasps flying around the side of our house and backyard. As the summer progressed, so did the number of cicada killer wasps. From what I have read they are very aggressive and intimidating but they rarely harm people. However, they dig deep tunnels in your yard which leaves piles of dirt in the lawn which kills the grass and results in a lumpy surface.

This year they have returned and I have decided that I have to get rid of them somehow. I spoke to an exterminator and he didn't have any ideas on how to get rid of them. I'm hoping that someone here has some ideas. Here is a picture I took this morning of my backyard and the resulting pile of dirt. I mowed the yard yesterday afternoon so this was accomplished last night/this morning.


Has anyone dealt with this before? Any ideas on how to get rid of these things? I can stand outside for hours trying to spray them with wasp killer but there are far too many to spray.

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