First Time Home Owner - Lawn Help

11 years ago

I'm a young, first time home owner without much experience in lawn care up to this point. I recently purchased a newly constructed home that was built on a thin and deep lot in a residential area. The lawn was sodded by the builder sometime before winter and we moved in spring of this year. After we bought the house we also had a fence put up around the backyard.

The first problem I have had with the lawn in that it is not very level. When I mow the lawn with the blades low, there are many higher spots of the lawn that get shaved off right to the earth. If I mow with the blades higher, the low points of the lawn don't get cut at all and the grass remains long. These low points also retain retain the most water when it rains, sometimes damaging the grass in these areas as well. These are not huge differences in height either, if you take a few steps back the lot actually looks fairly level. This is a far worse problem in the backyard than it is in the front luckily.

Because of how thin the lot is, there is probably only a 4-6 foot width of lawn on either side of the house between the house and the fence. While the lot isn't as randomly bumpy here, the earth is quite bit higher near the house then lowers down substantially along the center and then rises back up a little bit near the fence. This creates a trench on both sides of the house that retains a lot of water when it rains.

What can I do about my problems with an uneven lawn?

The second problem I have with the house is a few patches of dry yellow grass. Most of these patches are along the edge of the house, especially at the sides that I had previously mentioned. Because the ground is higher at the edges of the house, the small amount of rain water that does make it past the eaves just runs down the slope to the low point. There is also a spot near the street under a large leafy tree that is also drying out. I don't want to set up a sprinkler or anything because these are small patches of grass and the rest of the lawn receives plenty of rain water, what is the recommended amount of water that they need? Is it possible to just individually water these sections each day with a hose while I water my plants? Would fertilizer help? And should I do something with the thick dry grass before or after I water it to encourage growth?

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