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Help with my Bermuda lawn...

11 years ago

First let me say this is my first post and I live in the Mississippi Delta. I am having some issues with my Bermuda Lawn. First let me give you a background on my lawn. I have been a regular reader on this forum and have read the bermuda bible and have been practicing what I believe to be good maintenance. I fertilize every 30 days with a 32-2-10 slow release product from our local co-op(No Lesco nearby). I water once a week a full inch at a time. I tilled the lawn before I laid the sod which I now know was a mistake and now the lawn is very bumpy. So bumpy that even when I cut it 2 1/2 inches it still scalps. My next mowing I am going to move it up to 3 inches. I do not have a reel mower yet but I plan to buy one over the winter. I also plan to level my lawn with sand next month, but I would like my grass overall health to be in a little better shape before I start. Before bermuda this was a st augustine lawn that was in bad shape with a lot of weeds. This is a newly planted hybrid bermuda that I sodded in early May. The grass has been looking good for the most part except for one area around what I believe are spruce trees. When I had st augustine this same area had problems as well. I first thought maybe it was not getting enough sun so I trimmed the trees back and now they get plenty of sun. So my next thought is maybe the soil is to acidic from the trees? But is it common to have acidic soil in only a small portion of the yard? Any thoughts would be appreciated(Texas Weed please chime in). Also you may can see in the pictures there are other yellowing spots in the lawn. Some of this is from being scalped, but the large area close to the mailbox is yellow from me spraying Certainity on it to kill a nutsedge problem I been having. This is the second time I have sprayed and it has knocked down the sedge but this time it turned the grass yellow. Question is how do I get it back green? I fertilized and watered two days ago. Do I just stay on my regular watering schedule or do I need to water the yellow areas more often until they bounce back? I know this was a lengthy post but thanks in advance for any replies...

Red circle is the problem area around the spruce trees.


Up close view


Another view


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