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Replacing the Engine on a Snapper

9 years ago

I have a Snapper self propelled mower with a Tecumseh Super 6 engine. The engine died a couple of years ago, and I need to either replace it or toss the entire thing out - wife is tired of seeing it taking up space in the basement. It is a 6 hp engine with a 1"D, 3&5/32"L shaft with a 1/4" keyway. Pretty easy to find an engine with those specs. The problem is that the drive pulley for the self-propelled mechanism uses a 3/16" woodruff key on the opposite side of the shaft from the 1/4" keyway. I have been unable to find an engine with this feature. Anybody know where I can find such an engine? Needs to be new or rebuilt, complete and ready to run, and less than about $250.

Alternatively, I could mount a pulley with a 1/4" keyway on the shaft. Problem with that is that I would need to make a spacer to fit between it and the bushing that secures the blade so that the pulley could not slide down the shaft and hope against hope that it would not work its way up the shaft and contact the oil pan. Then there's the minor detail that I have not been able to find the identical pulley to the one I have now with a 1/4" key. Think I'd rather get the right engine to begin with.

Any ideas?

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