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New lawn owner- need lots of help!

11 years ago


I am a new lawn owner/ homeowner and need a lot of help and advice.

I am in NJ and total almost an acre. Front lawn looks pretty good, some weeds, but the backyard is a mess! Thanks in advance for any advice and wisdom you share.

The backyard has some grassy and some shady areas. There are some trees scattered and some have already been removed. We have lots of trees along tthe back of the property with no grass under at all. The soil is quite hard and there are are some bald spots, some mossy patches where tree cover had been. There is a large grassy area, but lots of lawn weeds.

Oh did I mention the poison ivy!! Along the back of the property I have been fighting the massive amounts of poison ivy by yanking, cutting and spraying with ortho and weed b gone. Ortho is much cheaper. It is so bad we have the hairy ropes climbing up some of the trees. We have made some progress tricky bc 3 neighboring yards have it as well.

(I also have 2 kids and being a new homeowner need to watch the costs of it a


How do I test my soil? How do I know what to do with the results?

Any suggestions about the poison ivy.

How do I seed a yard that has full sun in spots, full shade in others?Mossy in others?

What should I be putting on the lawn and when?

Where do I buy the chemicals? are they carried at HD?

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