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Snapper Robin EH18V vs Subaru EH18

12 years ago

I own a 2nd hand Snapper with a ProPoly Robin EH18V on an approx 2000 year commercial model.

I think the ignition coil is going bad (when hot it does not start. If it starts hot it takes almost a minute to become fully alive. Also it's been getting worse over the last year.) The ignition coil will cost $115 because parts on this engine are becoming scarce.

An auto dealer in town has several snappers that have not moved since I lived here. One of the commercial models has the Subaru EH18V (classic style) like the following:

My engine shows 6.5 hp and the Subaru shows 6.0 hp. The dealer is asking $650.

There is a discussion here about these engines here: (scroll toward the end until you see the EH18V snapper)

So are these engines the same?

I don't want to make an offer on the Subaru if I will run into the same parts problems.

Also what would be a good price to offer? And about how much could I get for mine?

Thanks for the advice.

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