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New Sod Issues

11 years ago

Hi Everyone,

Have a new sod question for anyone with experience with sod in the midwest (bluegrass/fescue blend). I hired a company to install new sod in my backyard a week ago and I suspect there may be some issues. I've been watering per the contractor's direction 3 times per day, 20 min each zone. The sod is relatively green with about 15-20% of the yard turning yellow/brown. A bunch of it has this ugly, mushy brown blades. None of it has started taking root (no signs of any roots coming through the bottom). Lots of worms, but no roots.

The sod was supposedly fresh from a farm (it looked great), but was laid on hot (90 degree day) and dry mid-day soil. And not watered at all until the irrigation contractor turned on the sprinklers 3 hours later.

They were short about 5 pieces when they laid the sod, so they came back later that evening installed new pieces that they had "around their shop." Strangely, these are doing the best - perfectly green and rooted in about 3 days. I was there when they installed it and watered immediately.

The contractor wants me to hang tight for another week - how long would you keep babying this sod until you call it beyond repair and request replacement? I don't want to be watering this sod all summer with a $1000 water bill and never get good rooting.

Any input or advice would be appreciated.



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