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Where Do I Begin

14 years ago

I need some serious help with my lawn. Below I will post the results of my soil sample, list the weeds I found in the yard, and a list of the critters/insects as well. I need help figuring out what to tackle first, what products to use, how to get the right mix....etc...

I live in Granby, CT, which is on the Mass/CT border. My lawn has almost no shade and it gets hot during peak summer times. My neighbors have beautiful lawns, mine is in rough shape. We have well water and a low water table. My neighbors have Sprinkler Systems, but can not run them for very long due to the water table. I can afford to put one in and have friends in the business, but wanted to do it as a last resort. I could probably pay someone to take care of my yard, but its become a personal challenge for me. I have a new Craftsman Lawn Tractor with a bag sweeper...and a dethatcher attachment that should arrive any day.

The thatch is bad in my yard, hence my recent purchase of the sweeper and dethatcher.


CrabGrass, Large CrabGrass, Dandelions, Prostrate Knotweed, and a weed with white puffy flowers that I could not find in the book I have


Moles, Grubs, Rabbits, Ants, Spiders, Japanese Beetles

Soil Test Results: Morgan Method

Soil Texture: Sandy Loam

Organic Matter Content: Medium

pH: 7.4

Nitrate Nitrogen: Very Low

Ammonium Nitrogen: Very Low

Phosphorus: Very High

Potassium: Low

Calcium: Very High

Magnesium: Very High

Suggested Treatments in Pounds per 1000 Square Feet:

Limestone Amount: None

Fertilizer Grade: 28-3-3, Now 25-5-10, Sep

Fertilizer Grade: 4lbs, Now 4lbs, Sep

Any help would be greatly appreciated



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