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How can I get rid of other grass growing in my St. Augustine

16 years ago


I've been in my Dallas, TX house for 3 growing seasons now and am still frustrated by my back yard. Apparently the previous owner overseeded the St. Augustine lawn with some other type of grass and it is making me crazy. The front lawn (partially shaded) is near perfect, but the back (full sun) seems to take forever to green up in the spring and spends most of the summer with an ugly patchy mix of 2 different grasses (picture below). I mow at a 3-4 inch height and eventually (July or August) the St. Augustine will overtake the thinner stuff, but every spring the thin stuff comes back and makes my lawn ugly all spring.

Can someone point out what the other type of grass is and let me know what (if anything) I can do to get rid of it?

Here are my specs:

Zone: 8

Watering: 30 minutes twice weekly

Fertilizer: Scotts Bonus S (Early and late Spring)

Mowing: Once a week - Mulching

Soil: Rocky Clay (crappy Dallas soil)

Picture: {{gwi:101590}}



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